Manual of Aquatic Viral Ecology

ASLO's first e-Book publication is the Manual of Aquatic Viral Ecology (MAVE), edited by Steven Wilhelm, Markus Weinbauer and Curtis Suttle. It contains 19 chapters reflecting state-of-the-art opinions on approaches to studying viruses in aquatic systems. Topics range from the enumeration of viruses to molecular techniques designed to dissect and query individual virus populations as well as communities of viruses. The content of this e-book was selected in consultation with the Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Research's working group on marine viruses, and its publication has been supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Chapters in the MAVE e-Book are freely available for download. Citations of each chapter should follow the form recommended in its acknowledgments. For the entire book, a suggested citation is as follows.
S.W. Wilhelm, M.G. Weinbauer, and C.A. Suttle [eds.] 2010. Manual of Aquatic Viral Ecology. Waco, TX:American Society of Limnology and Oceanography. doi:10.4319/mave.2010.978-0-9845591-0-7


Table of Contents

Markus G. Weinbauer, Janet M. Rowe, and Steven W. Wilhelm
Determining rates of virus production in aquatic systems by the virus reduction approach
Chapter 1, pp 1-8  Download

Ruth-Anne Sandaa, Steven M. Short, and Declan C. Schroeder
Fingerprinting aquatic virus communities
Chapter 2, pp 9-18  Download

André M. Comeau and Rachel T. Noble
Preparation and application of fluorescently labeled virus particles
Chapter 3, pp 19-29  Download

John H. Paul and Markus Weinbauer
Detection of lysogeny in marine environments
Chapter 4, pp 30-33  Download

Michael J. Allen, Bela Tiwari, Matthias E. Futschik, and Debbie Lindell
Construction of microarrays and their application to virus analysis
Chapter 5, pp 34-56  Download

Kenneth M. Stedman, Kate Porter, and Mike L. Dyall-Smith
The isolation of viruses infecting Archaea
Chapter 6, pp 57-64  Download

Susan A. Kimmance and Corina P. D. Brussaard
Estimation of viral-induced phytoplankton mortality using the modified dilution method
Chapter 7, pp 65-73  Download

Roberto Danovaro and Mathias Middelboe
Separation of free virus particles from sediments in aquatic systems
Chapter 8, pp 74-81  Download

Steven M. Short, Feng Chen, and Steven W. Wilhelm
The construction and analysis of marker gene libraries
Chapter 9, pp 82-91  Download

Keizo Nagasaki and Gunnar Bratbak
Isolation of viruses infecting photosynthetic and nonphotosynthetic protists
Chapter 10, pp 92-101  Download

Corina P.D. Brussaard, Jérôme P. Payet, Christian Winter, and Markus G. Weinbauer
Quantification of aquatic viruses by flow cytometry
Chapter 11, pp 102-109  Download

K. Eric Wommack, Télesphore Sime-Ngando, Danielle M. Winget, Sanchita Jamindar, and Rebekah R. Helton
Filtration-based methods for the collection of viral concentrates from large water samples
Chapter 12, pp 110-117  Download

Mathias Middelboe, Amy M. Chan, and Sif K. Bertelsen
Isolation and life cycle characterization of lytic viruses infecting heterotrophic bacteria and cyanobacteria
Chapter 13, pp 118-133  Download

William H. Wilson and Declan Schroeder
Sequencing and characterization of virus genomes
Chapter 14, pp 134-144  Download

Curtis A. Suttle and Jed A. Fuhrman
Enumeration of virus particles in aquatic or sediment samples by epifluorescence microscopy
Chapter 15, pp 145-153  Download

Grieg F. Steward and Alexander I. Culley
Extraction and purification of nucleic acids from viruses
Chapter 16, pp 154-165  Download

Janice E. Lawrence and Grieg F. Steward
Purification of viruses by centrifugation
Chapter 17, pp 166-181  Download

Hans-W. Ackermann and Mikal Heldal
Basic electron microscopy of aquatic viruses
Chapter 18, pp 182-192  Download

Alexander I. Culley, Curtis A. Suttle, and Grieg F. Steward
Characterization of the diversity of marine RNA viruses
Chapter 19, pp 193-201  Download

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