Conference Connections

The ASLO Student Committee is looking forward to meeting you at the Summer Meeting and hearing about the amazing science you will be presenting. The ASLO Student Committee is testing a new program for students interested in making peer connections called Conference Connections!

About the Program

Conference Connections is a matching program for students interested in being connected with 2-3 science buddies for a total group of three or four. Student participants will fill out this Google form. The ASLO Student Committee will create small group email chains, including the names and contact information of group members, so that your group may connect and communicate.

The goal of the program will be that your group meets up at least once during the meeting, preferably towards the beginning of the meeting, for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, or an activity your group enjoys! We then challenge you to introduce your new connections to an existing connection you have at the meeting or virtually to help build your network. You can use your discretion moving forward if you'd like to meet up again as a group or one-on-one. Conference Connections is meant to be a low-pressure, initial opportunity for interacting with your peers, as the large meetings can feel intimidating, especially if you're attending alone. Peer connections are valuable and as students, we hold a wealth of knowledge on opportunities advancing in our fields!

Fill out this form by May 26 at 23:59 U.S. Central Time if you would like to participate. If you take a picture with your connections and would like to share, use the hashtag #ASLO_ConferenceConnections. Also, use the conference hashtag #ASLO24 to share the post more broadly with attendees on social and the conference app.

Be Kind and Open Policy

We expect you to follow the codes of conduct of the meeting. By participating in this program, we expect you to be open to making connections and that requires treating your peers with respect and being open to learning about them as an individual. If your connection acts inappropriately, please notify [email protected], so that person will be prevented from participating in future student activities.

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