Social & Educational Activities

Opening Day Toast

Tuesday, 6/22/2021, 18:00-18:30 (UTC), Room 1

After the opening program on the 22nd of June, there will be a toast to celebrate the start of the first virtual ASM conference. Each participant will be asked to connect with a glass of any drink of preference. The local organizing team from Palma will lead the toast, and there will be a raffle for the participants with prizes consisting of discount vouchers in Melia hotels in Palma for the face-to-face ASM in 2023 and a weekend getaway in Ona Aparthotels in Mallorca.

Storyteller Series

Wednesday, 6/23/2021, 19:00-20:00 (UTC), Room 3

Organizer: Allison Fong ([email protected])

The Storytellers Series utilizes existing public library story times as opportunities for outreach focused on the aquatic sciences. Every city has public libraries, and many have dedicated children story times. We work together with the meeting’s local organizing committee and their contacts in the community to approach librarians about the opportunity to read aquatic science children’s books during these dedicated story times. In tandem with the Storytellers Series, ASLO has compiled an “ASLO-approved list of children’s books,” too. While the children and parents seem to enjoy the readings, it’s the interactions and shared excitement around meeting a scientist and learning about the work we do that seems to be the most special aspect of the activity. In practice, the activity is a book reading-career day mash-up. The Storytellers Series is as much about reaching out as it is about renewing and reflecting on the wonders of our aquatic systems and our science. The fully virtual format of the meeting and most of our daily lives are presenting us with an opportunity to broaden the Storytellers Series by hosting readings on the ASLO YouTube channel and broadcasting virtual interactions. We’re seeking volunteer readers and guests to build our digital Storytellers Series. Stay tuned for more information!

Pub Quiz

Wednesday, 6/23/2021, 19:00-20:30 (UTC), Room 5

Quizmasters: Manuel Hidalgo ([email protected]) and Hilmar Hinz ([email protected])

The Pub quiz was originally established in the UK to attract people to get into their pubs, but we thought of adapting it to the virtual ASM meeting with the prerequisite that the participants show a mug or bottle of beer (can be alcohol free 😉 to participate. There will be a maximum number of participants of 50 divided into groups of 5 players that will be able to communicate via break out groups in a virtual platform. Group allocation could be random or by subject area. The quiz will have two parts: Part I. Elimination round – 10 questions focusing on Mallorca and Science, picture and sound based (to avoid cheating via the internet); Part II. Grand finale (with the two to three semi-finalist groups presentation of a mini project proposal (real or fun) in which all group members and their skills/knowledge need to be featured. The groups will have 15 minutes to prepare, and then they will present their project within a 2 to 3 minute-pitch. All participants of the pub quiz will participate in the voting of the best project. The winning group (of five members) will receive a discount voucher each in Melia hotels in Palma for the face-to-face ASM in 2023 as a prize.

If you are interested in participating in this fun activity please contact Quizmasters – deadline 6/18/2021.

Associate Editors Catch Up

Friday, 6/25/2021, 19:00-20:00 (UTC), Room 1

Organizer: Julia Mullarney ([email protected])

A virtual get together for L&O editors. Everyone should grab a beverage and snack of their choice and pop online to say hello!  It’s a chance for new AEs to meet each other, Dave, and Julia. This is a good chance to ask any questions or raise any thoughts/issues on Limnology and Oceanography moving forward.

Yoga Mornings on Mallorcan beaches

Wednesday through Sunday, 08:00 (UTC), Room 1

To perk up your mornings with exercises before attending the virtual meeting, don´t miss the 15-minute yoga videos against the backdrop of different Mallorcan beaches. 

Interactive Coffee Breaks

Wednesday through Sunday, 13:00-13:30 and 16:30-17:00 (UTC), Room 1

As in real life, the participants of the virtual ASM meeting can greet, chit-chat with each other in a fun interactive way with the gather program ( simulating coffee-breaks.  The participants can walk around the virtual space and engage in video conversations based on their proximity to one another.

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