ASLO Election 2023

Board of Directors Election

As an ASLO member, you have the opportunity and responsibility to cast your ballot for your representatives on the ASLO Board of Directors. ASLO functions as a participatory democracy that is only truly functional if we get your active participation. The slate of candidates was selected by the Nominations Committee relying heavily on your suggestions.

The terms of the ASLO Board of Directors are staggered to ensure that experienced board members are always present. Elections are conducted by electronic ballot each spring. In Spring 2023,  you will select the  Treasurer, three Members-at-large, and one Student Board Member.

Treasurer (1)

The Treasurer maintains all ASLO financial records and reports regularly to the President, Board of Directors, and members on the ASLO's financial status. The Treasurer prepares the annual budget and is an ex-officio member of the Finance Committee.

Members at Large (3)

Members at Large represent the interests of the general membership on the Board. As Board members they help set ASLO policy and determine how ASLO resources will be obtained and spent.  Members at Large serve three-year terms, and can be re-elected for an additional term.

Student Board Members (1)

Two students serve on the ASLO Board of Directors to represent the interests of students. The term of office of the Student Board Member is three (3) years, and is completed even if the student graduates before their term is completed.

The 2023 Election will close on May 16 2023.

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