OSM 2022 FAQ

Information on this page will be continually updated.

Q: Are presentations still available?

A: Yes, they are available on the OSM website for registered attendees until 9 September 2022.

Q: Can my presentation be edited?

A: No, presentations both prerecorded and live sessions must remain as recorded.

Q: Who can view the presentations?

A:  Only registered attendees to OSM 2022 can view the presentations.  Presentations may not be downloaded and shared with those not attending OSM 2022.  They will remain available until 9 September 2022.

Q: What is the format for OSM 2022?

A: In late October 2021, the decision was made to hold OSM 2022 as an entirely virtual event.

Q: Why is OSM 2022 virtual?

A: OSM 2022 organizers learned in late October that restrictions on holding conferences in Hawaii will remain in place until at least November 20, 2021 and will be reviewed at that time. These restrictions do not allow a conference the size of OSM to be held. Additionally, strict protocols regarding vaccination, testing, and quarantine remain in effect as part of the Safe Travels Hawai’i program. These restrictions could make it difficult or even impossible for international attendees to travel for the meeting. While we respect these measures that local authorities have implemented to protect the health of residents and visitors, the safety restrictions make it impossible to hold an event of our size in the state.

OSM 2022 Organizers understand that this decision is frustrating and disappointing for many who had planned to attend in-person. However, the Organizers are working toward a seamless transition for attendees into a virtual conference, planning many engaging virtual events within and alongside the scientific program.

Q: I was planning on attending in-person. What is the process for switching to virtual registration?

A: Registration has not publicly opened yet, so there will not be a need to switch registration from onsite to virtual. For funding reasons, some attendees were manually registered. Those attendees will be refunded the difference between the onsite and virtual registration rates.

For those who submitted session proposals and abstracts, the format of your session will be switched to a virtual format. The OSM Program Committee is meeting in early-mid November to construct the program pieces. Participants will receive notification regarding the presentation schedule in December.

Q: What is covered in my registration fee?

A: Registration fees provide access to the full conference over seven days of programming and networking, including:

  • scientific sessions (both oral and poster), available for previewing before the conference, live during the meeting, and up to six months after the conference
  • both live and asynchronous discussions for individual oral and poster presentations
  • dozens of workshops, town halls, and auxiliary events scheduled on two days dedicated to these events prior to the start of the conference
  • multiple opportunities for networking and socializing each day
  • a variety of mentoring programs for students and early career students
  • an exhibitor gallery featuring opportunities for interactions with vendors and organization representatives
  • innovative musical and broader impact presentations related to the four plenary presentations
  • opportunities for wellness and fun including favorite events from past OSMs, such as the the 5K run and the Jam Session, with the addition of daily yoga, and virtual field trips hosted by the Bishop Museum
  • an online gallery featuring ocean-related artwork

Fees support the necessary costs associated with producing an effective, integrated, and secure virtual conference. Costs include software programming, bandwidth, security, program development staffing, and technical support across global time zones.

To help defer registration fees, AGU, ASLO, and TOS will jointly sponsor registration awards for students and early career scientists. Award applications will be available during the registration process.

High school students, high school teachers, and attendees from low-income countries as defined by the World Bank will be able to attend for free.

Q: Now that the 2022 OSM will be totally virtual, what will happen to my presentation? What will sessions look like in the virtual program?

A:  The program committee will organize the sessions and auxiliary events in November and the program will be available in December 2021. You will be notified in December about the type of presentation (oral or poster) that you will be giving as well as the day and time of the session. Those with town halls, workshops, and innovative sessions will also be notified about timing.

Online meetings over the past 18 months have generally featured shorter session times and more time for discussion. We have seen multiple scientific meetings with this format and feel it is a good fit for OSM22, especially given attendees will be balancing their work and personal lives while attending online.

While the program itself is still being organized, the online format is as follows:

  • Each scientific oral session will be one-hour in duration, featuring six five-minute live overview presentations that will be presented sequentially. Oral presenters will record and upload a 15-minute presentation prior to the meeting.
  • A live, moderated question and answer / discussion period among presenters and attendees will take place during the remaining 30 minutes.
  • Posters will be available for viewing during the entire meeting period and will also be organized into sessions. Poster sessions will feature tools that will provide the opportunity for live interaction during scheduled periods as well as the opportunity for viewers to make appointments with presenters to discuss the content.
  • ​​All sessions will be recorded and available for attendees.  Presentations will be available for six months following OSM 2022.

Additional details on presentation format, deadlines (including pre-recording information), and supporting information will be provided when the OSM 2022 virtual program schedule is posted in December. All presenters will receive this specific information.

Q: How will the conference schedule change now that it is virtual?

A: OSM22 received session proposals and abstract submissions that covered almost every global time zone. Scheduling synchronous events across all time zones is a significant challenge for virtual conferences. OSM 2022 Organizers are currently working toward scheduling sessions and events at reasonable times for attendees, including asynchronous and spread-out programming. The schedule will be provided in December and may include days that are in addition to the announced dates for OSM.

Q: I had planned on presenting in-person, and I no longer wish to present at OSM. Can I withdraw my abstract?

A:  Yes, you can withdraw your abstract and receive a full refund.  Notification should be made to:  [email protected] and must include your abstract ID number, title of your abstract and submitting author no later than 15 November.

Q: Will I be able to preview presentations?

A: All presentations (oral and posters, Innovative, and eLightning) will be pre-recorded and available for preview at least one week before the conference dates. As such, presenters should be prepared to record their talks and poster narration in advance.

Q: Will there still be workshops, town halls, and other auxiliary events?

A: Workshops, town halls and most auxiliary events will still be part of OSM 2022.  Most will be scheduled prior to the start of the scientific sessions.

Q: What events alongside the scientific program will the virtual OSM 2022 offer?

A: We envision events that underpin the spirit of pilina and the culture of Hawaii, support early career scientists, and provide engaging and fun interaction with all attendees. This will include virtual networking events, especially those centered on students and early career scientists, historically marginalized groups, and Pacific Islanders. We are also planning general events focused on the art, music, and culture of Hawaii and other Pacific Islands.

Q: There are multiple mentoring programs listed on the OSM website. Are those still happening, including the paper evaluations?

A:  Yes. Mentoring programs, including session convener mentoring, planned networking events, and poster evaluations, amongst other events, will be sustained virtually.

Q: Will exhibits still be a part of the meeting?

A: Yes, exhibits will still be a very important part of the meeting.  If you have already signed up to be an exhibitor, we will be in touch with you directly to confirm your participation and explain the new benefits of exhibiting virtually.

Q:  Will there be opportunities for financial support?

A: Yes! AGU, ASLO, and TOS will jointly sponsor registration awards for students and early-career researchers (defined as being within 10 years of attaining your terminal degree). Award applications are available during registration. As in previous years, we offer reduced or free registration rates for attendees from low-income countries as defined by the World Bank, high school students, and high school teachers.

Q: Will there be any caregiver assistance?

A. Funds are available to defray the costs of hiring a care provider while you participate in the conference. Apply for Caregiver Grants via the online registration form.

Q: When will registration open?

A: Registration is now open. Registration rates are available here.

Q: I have already made travel plans to go to Honolulu, what should I do?

A: If you have made hotel reservations and still wish to travel to Hawaii and participate virtually from there, the hotels that are designated on the OSM website will honor the conference rate.  Please contact the hotel directly about cancelling your reservation or keeping it for your travel.

Contact your airline to inquire about a refund or ability to use your ticket for future travel.  Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse you for any travel expenses.

Q: I have a question that isn’t on this page. Who can I contact?

A: If you have any questions related to the conference, please email [email protected].

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