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Thank you for your interest in the ASLO LOREX program! The information below describes what you will need to prepare and submit your application. Please review the requirements and instructions, download the application template, and prepare your application carefully.  When your application is ready, click on Submit Your Application below.

Applications are open until 3 January, 2024.


  • Project Cover Page (1-page maximum) – listing project title, student’s name, current institution, adviser(s) name, year in program, thesis title, and potential exchange site and collaborator(s)
  • Abstract (300 words maximum) – concisely states the objectives, methods, and rationale of the proposed research project, and includes 5 key words
  • Project Description (3-page maximum) – provides an introduction that includes the rationale and problem to be addressed, project objectives, background, approach to be used, and explanation of why the project is needed, project feasibility and time line, and dissemination of the results
  • Project Justification (1-page maximum) – state why it is important for you to conduct this research, why it is important to do it at the host institution and with your specific collaborator(s), and how it will contribute to your thesis and future career goals
  • References (1-page maximum) – list of literature cited in the project proposal

Letter of Support

  • Letter from the thesis advisor indicating support for their student to participate in the exchange program, and their student’s potential to conduct the research and be an international collaborator.
  • Letter from the potential collaborator(s) indicating their willingness to host the student in their lab and collaborate on the research.


You must be an ASLO member and a US citizen or permanent resident enrolled in a graduate program. ASLO student memberships are $30. To join ASLO, go to Membership Application Forms.


Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee made of ASLO board members, regular members, staff, and a representative from each host institution. Complete applications will be evaluated based on: 1) the quality of the research proposed and intellectual merit, 2) feasibility of the project and need to conduct the research overseas, 3) a clearly stated role of the collaborator, and 4) the benefit to the student.

Award Conditions

LOREX research program awardees are required to participate in in-person and online meetings in preparation for the field work and to coordinate logistical aspects of the program. Students participating in the program will participate in a formal evaluation of the program and will also be invited to present their work in a special session dedicated to the LOREX program at an ASLO conference following their field work to share their experience. LOREX students will also disseminate the results of their research exchange more broadly in coordination with ASLO’s Communication and Science Office through multimedia blog and social media posts as well as collaborative peer reviewed publications. Students are expected to attend the orientation workshop in February and are expected to be present and conducting research on the program dates outlined by the host institution.

The LOREX coordinator will obtain and directly pay travel expenses and logging costs at the field sites. Students will be provided with an adequate allowance for each site to cover other expenses (food, transportation, etc.). Funds for research are NOT provided.


General questions regarding the ASLO LOREX program should be made to Adina Paytan ([email protected])

Questions regarding the application form should be made to [email protected].

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