Contest Results

Results will be posted as they are received.

Photography Contest Winners

1. Perfect timing by Mariel Barjau-Aguilar

2. Nothing to fear by Manuela Gertrudis García Márquez

3. The student’s life by Jose Carlos Rodriguez Castañeda


Picture or Scientific Illustration

1. The past of seagrass meadows by Carmen Leiva Dueñas

Poetry and Short Tales

1. A River’s Journey by Akshaya TR

Here I go towards the shore
Fed by the mountains, up and above.
The journey is quiet and lonesome
With green shrubbery all around.

Then one fine day I saw these beings,
With their giant steel boxes on black wheels.
The greens got replaced with tall grey rocks;
And soon I got acquainted with those concrete blocks.

Conceptual and Performance Arts

1. Computer game bioDIVERsity by Anne Lewerentz
1. Planktòs Pharmakon installation by Fabrice Lizon


Run Challenge

  Male Site
1 Daniel Sandborn USA
2 Andrea Redoglio Germany
3 Wilson Castillo Inaipil Chile
  Female Site
1 Sina Schorn Germany
2 Laura Falkenberg Hong Kong, China
3 Janina Rahlff Sweden
4 Ingrid Carloline Mota de Sena Brasil
5 Konstaze Bergunder Germany


Fun Challenge

1. Manuela Gertrudis Garcia “Water bubbles”   
2. Konstanze Bergunder; “Bringing data into the right format”
3. Anne Lewerentz  “Macrophytes are mindblowing!

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