About Madison, Wisconsin

If you're looking for the perfect summer getaway, look no further than Madison, WI. This vibrant city is filled with energy and excitement, offering a wealth of activities and events to keep you entertained all season long. From local festivals and outdoor concerts to relaxing picnics in the park, Madison has something for everyone. And with a thriving food scene that includes farm-to-table restaurants and craft breweries, you will surely enjoy every moment of your visit. So pack your bags and head to Madison for a summer you'll never forget!

Rich heritage of the lake country around Madison includes five within the city – all primarily fed by the Yahara River. Clarity of the water attracted original settlers to the area and water continues to be an important part of Madison’s culture. Patterned after the Swiss cities of Lucerne and Geneva, Madison shares the trait of a lake-front location, contributing to the economic and cultural atmosphere.

A growing population is followed by challenges. For Madison, this included pollution problems in the lakes and other aquatic trials through the decades. Innovation and comprehensive actions corrected the maladies, creating today’s modern city. This is a testament to sustaining aquatic ecosystems, making the capital city of Wisconsin an ideal location for the 2024 ASLO Meeting.

Never a Dull Moment

What to do in and around Madison? The real question is how to narrow down the choices for a few days’ stay. Begin by enjoying the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed conference center, the Monona Terrace.

The Monona Terrace is in downtown Madison, close to restaurants, museums, and parks. Kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards are available within a 20-minute walk. Enjoy walking or jogging any part of the 17-mile Capital City State Trail that is next to Monona Terrace.

Visit Madison - Summertime fun: https://www.visitmadison.com/things-to-do/summer-activities/

Visit Madison - Calendar of Events: https://www.visitmadison.com/events

Getting Around Madison

Madison is a very walk-able city, especially in the downtown area and Monona Terrace vicinity. Taxi and Uber services are available for accessing other parts of the city. If you wish to take a taxi from the airport, the area is located at the north end of the baggage claim at Door #7. An exact site for Uber is always provided in the confirmation message.

Check with your hotel, as several have a shuttle service for the airport.

Renting a car is a convenient way to explore the Madison area if your plans take you outside the metro area. Discounts are available for meeting attendees through Avis Car Rental. Check the Avis Car Rental section on the Travel tab.

Time Zone

Madison is in the U.S. Central Time Zone, which is one hour behind the Eastern Time Zone Standard Time, one hour ahead of Mountain Time and two hours ahead of Pacific Time.

Methods of Payment in Madison

Cash, debit, and credit are all will work just fine. ATM’s are available at Monona Terrace, as well as are other convenient locations throughout the city.

Cell Phones

While it is allowed to use a cell phone while driving, it is not advisable. It is important to know that a driver may still get pulled over for a ticket if driving erratically and not paying attention to the road. Texting while driving is prohibited.

Alcohol Laws

The legal drinking age in Wisconsin is 21. Photo identification is required to be served or to purchase alcoholic beverages or to enter nightclubs serving alcohol.


The average daily temperature in Madison is 79 degrees Fahrenheit/26 Celsius in June. Keep in mind, however, that no matter what the weather may be outside, meeting rooms at the convention center may be cool, so please plan accordingly.

Additional Safety Guidelines

  • Always remove your meeting name badge when you leave the convention center.
  • If you are walking between any destination and your hotel or the convention center, plan your travel route before you depart.
  • Use caution when walking on sidewalks and crossing streets and be careful to cross only at designated crosswalks.
  • Avoid visible use of cell phones while you are walking.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Make sure your belongings are secure.
  • Walk with your colleagues.
  • When transportation is needed, take or share a taxi or Uber.
  • Check the local weather and pack the appropriate gear before you leave.
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