Global Outreach Initiative

ASLO Global Outreach Initiative

A key component of ASLO’s mission is to advance public awareness and education about aquatic resources and research. In response to an increasingly international membership, ASLO launched the Global Outreach Initiative in 2012 as a way to assist ASLO members outside the U.S. in communicating aquatic science to non-technical audiences. “The ASLO Global Outreach Initiative helps our members make oceanography and limnology research more relevant to broad audiences. With support from the Board, funds were distributed in 2012, 2016, 2017, and 2019 to a diverse set of creative, well-designed, and impactful outreach projects.

The ASLO Global Outreach Initiative has funded aquatic science outreach and education projects in:

  • Gambia (2019) Aquatic Sciences Virtual Conference in West Africa
  • Mexico (2019) Promoting Early Insight into Coastal and Marine Sciences through Participatory Action Research and Cultural Heritage Recovery
  • Ghana (2019) Virtual Reality Applications: A Wealth of Opportunity to Communicate Aquatic Science to locals in Ghana
  • French Polynesia (2019) Empowering Schools as Epicenters for Watershed Monitoring in Mo’orea, French Polynesia
  • Greenland, France, Canada (2017) - SEA-ICE Greenland, an itinerant expedition along the north-west coast of Greenland between the village of Upernavik and Kullorsuaq
  • Brazil (2017) - A Amazônia através da arte da juventude em Arapixuna (The Amazon through the easels of Arapixuna's youth)
  • Mexico (2017) - Conozca Tu Mar! Meet your Ocean!
  • Spain (2017) - Explaining what Limnologists and Oceanographers (aka. Aquatic Scientists) are to primary Schoolers: a board-GAME adventure (LOASS-GAME)
  • Nigeria (2017) - Integrating Indigenous Knowledge in the Communication of Ecosystem Services of Lagos Lagoon Complex to its Local Dependants
  • Spain (2016) - Using Puppet Shows to Educate Children about Plastic Waste Problem in the Ocean (PEPO project)
  • Italy (2016) - RAP for Public Engagement with aquatic Research and Science (RAPPERS)
  • Nigeria (2016) - Practical skills transfer to undergraduate students; physico-chemical and biological parameters as an indication of Lagos lagoon health status
  • Sweden (2016) - Communicating aquatic science and climate change to arctic tourists
  • Jamaica (2012) – River Watchers along the Black River, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
  • Brazil (2012) – Water quality in an urban bay (Brazil) as theme for increasing awareness on the environment
  • Russia (2012) – Fostering dialogue between Russian early-career aquatic scientists and the public
  • Malaysia (2012) – Bachok (Malaysia) Outreach Program on Marine Microbial Ecology
  • New Zealand (2012) – Indigenous People (Hapu) Education and Outreach in New Zealand

Project reports for the 2012 projects can be found in the November 2013 issue of the L&O Bulletin (free access).

Project reports for the 2016 projects appeared in the August 2017 issue of the L&O Bulletin.

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