ASLO takes a step to address the inequity of open-access publication

ASLO takes a step to address the inequity of open-access publication

Early Career Researchers around the world are doing impactful innovative science. Most do not have resources to pay for open-access publication of their work. ASLO has taken a step to help with its Early Career Publication Honor that pays for OA publication by ECRs in need. A new virtual issue of Limnology and Oceanography Letters binds together the first seven papers published with the Early Career Publication Honor, and opens with an editorial explaining its origin and goals.

Taking steps to address inequities in open-access publishing through an early career publication honor
Scott Hotaling, Bridget R. Deemer, Kelsey Poulson-Ellestad, Laura J. Falkenberg

Ocean acidification alters the diversity and structure of oyster associated microbial communities
Andrea Unzueta-Martínez, Alan M. Downey-Wall, Louise P. Cameron, Justin B. Ries, Katie E. Lotterhos, Jennifer L. Bowen

Sea-level rise drives wastewater leakage to coastal waters and storm drains
Tristan McKenzie, Shellie Habel, Henrietta Dulai

Diverse arsenic-containing lipids in the surface ocean
Katherine R. Heal, Ashley E. Maloney, Anitra E. Ingalls, Randelle M. Bundy

Changes in phytoplankton and biomineral content of particles during episodic fluxes to abyssal depth
Cynthia A. Michaud, Christine L. Huffard, Kenneth L. Smith Jr, Colleen A. Durkin

Divergent physiological and molecular responses of light- and iron-limited Southern Ocean phytoplankton
Sarah M. Andrew, Robert F. Strzepek, Spencer M. Whitney, Wah Soon Chow, Michael J. Ellwood

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