Eco-DAS Frequently Asked Questions

Application Questions

How are participants chosen?

Participants are selected based on:

  • Qualifications of the applicant, including the CV, personal statement and letter(s) of recommendation
  • Our impression of the potential benefit to the applicant
  • Potential for collaboration with other participants
  • Evidence of carrying projects through to completion
  • Likelihood that the proposed manuscript idea would be exciting and valuable to the broader science community.
  • In addition, the balance of represented disciplines and other factors are used to make difficult choices among highly qualified applicants.

I'm not sure how to approach the manuscript proposal - can you provide examples?

No, but we can offer helpful hints.

Don't copy and paste unpublished chapter 4 of your dissertation.  That's going to disqualify you.

Don't propose something you could write entirely by yourself.  Think about an idea that you'd love to work on with other people, especially people who are experts in areas that are outside of but complement your own knowledge.

Don't get so attached to your ideas that you would be disappointed if they don't go forward.  Offer your ideas to the Eco-DAS community.  Some will take root; some will not; some will reappear in a mashup of related ideas.

Look at past Eco-DAS publications to get a sense of the diversity of projects that have moved forward.  Some projects aren't even "manuscripts"!  Think outside the box.

No specific format is required.  However, you might consider:
- explaining why you think this manuscript/project is needed and would be exciting and valuable;
- providing a brief abstract or summary;
- providing a 1-page outline;
- mentioning any new data that would be acquired;
- summarizing the complementary expertise you hope to find at the symposium.

Can I email my application? Can I provide some of the requested information later?

All applications must be prepared in advance, and submitted together via the online application form. You are responsible for requesting letters of support from your advisor (required) and one additional person (optional). Letters may be uploaded with your application, or emailed by your advisor to

What format (PDF, docx, doc) should I use for my application?

PDF, please.

Eligibility Questions

What will be the eligibility dates for the 2021 Eco-DAS symposium?  I am not sure when I am graduating.

Eco-DAS XIV participants should have completed their dissertation between 1 June 2019 and 1 June 2021.

I graduated X months before the eligibility period. May I still apply?

In general, no. Permission is sometimes given, e.g. if the formal graduation date at your institution is slightly earlier than June 1.

Logistics Questions

What expenses should I expect to pay for?

For the 2021 virtual symposium, participants should not incur any expenses.  Following the symposium, working groups will generate manuscripts that may incur publication costs.  All such costs will be borne by the NSF award.

Do I have to attend all events?

All participants are required to attend all scheduled events during the symposium.  If you are sick or have any other emergency necessitating your absence, please let the conference organizers know as soon as possible.  We are sympathetic to those who may have family obligations such as childcare, but you will gain the most by participating as much as possible.

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