Toward a more inclusive ASLO

Racial Equity Training Workshops

ASLO acknowledges that the scientific community has a history of racial inequality and implicit bias and we must take collective action to correct these injustices. As an international scientific society, ASLO strives to create a diverse and inclusive community where BIPOC members feel completely welcome, and comfortable in such a way that they can flourish by bringing their authentic selves and full creativity to advance aquatic science. In order to raise consciousness in ASLO members and to develop a community of allies, ASLO is taking concrete actions to become more open, inclusive, and just within and beyond our scientific society by soliciting the help of Soulfocused Group, a leadership and social change consulting organisation with 25 years’ experience in racial equity training. We will begin working with them by holding a series of 3 workshops on April 23rd, 30th, and May 7th from 12pm -3pm EDT.

To maximize the effectiveness of these workshops, we must keep attendees to fewer than 45. As such we are reaching out to members in our community that are currently serving ASLO through a committee, in an editorial capacity or who have been awarded fellowships to help transform within. This initial workshop series will serve as a pilot to test whether the activity is meaningful to the membership and to work with Soufocused to adapt it to our needs. If we collectively deem it a success, the board is committed to holding more iterations of these workshops while developing other activities to reach a larger swath of our membership in the future. For more information about Soulfocused, please check out their website; the workshops will follow their 3-phase program culminating with the Ego reduction formula.

If you are interested in helping to create a more inclusive ASLO, the board invites you to participate in this first series of workshops with Soulfocused on April 23rd, 30th and May 7th. If you cannot attend or can only make two of three, please express your interest in general for participating in such an effort. To attend or express interest, please complete the registration form below by March 23rd. We will be delighted to be oversubscribed; priority will initially go to those who can attend all three workshops while ensuring a broad demographic representation.

Kind regards,

Roxane Maranger
ASLO President
On behalf of the entire Board of Directors

Welcome, ASLO!

Thank you for your interest in these workshops!

If you do not see a form below the introductory text, please log into the website, then return to this page.  The form will only be visible to current ASLO members.  We ask that you complete all items in the form.

As mentioned, our first priority will be to those who can attend all three workshops while ensuring a broad demographic representation.

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