Publications Committee

Charge: This committee shall be responsible for:

  • assessing editorial quality, content, and performance of all ASLO publications to ensure the publications portfolio meets the objectives and strategic vision as communicated by the Board
  • preparing a written, annual evaluation and feedback on performance of all ASLO Editors, including discussing the evaluation with each Editor
  • receiving, reviewing, and forwarding to the Board the Editors’ recommended Associate Editor changes and appointments
  • conducting searches and making recommendations to the ASLO Board for new Editors
  • recommending to the Board the renewal or discontinuation (including compensation and travel budget) of current Editor contracts
  • reviewing all journal policies and new features/initiatives to assess applicability of such new policies and features to the ASLO publications portfolio at large, and discussing and communicating such decisions to the Editors
  • receiving and reviewing all annual reports (financial, bibliometric, journal metrics and performance) provided by the publishing partner
  • serving as a resource in support of the ASLO Ethics Committee regarding ethical disputes that arise within the publications portfolio
  • researching and preparing (at the direction of the Board or on its own initiative) recommendations to the Board on journals to be added to or removed from the ASLO portfolio
  • evaluating and assessing the performance of partnerships and contracts related to the editorial, production, distribution (online and print), marketing, and sales of ASLO publications. This includes making recommendations to the Board for renewal or discontinuation of such contracts and issuance of requests for proposals as needed
  • informing the Board of the Committee’s activities via periodic updates and an annual report.

Jack Middelburg, Chair (to 12/24)
Stuart Jones (to 12/24)
Susanne Neuer (to 12/24)
Roxane Maranger (to 6/24)


Jack Middelburg

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