Public Policy Committee

Charge: The Public Policy subcommittee works in coordination with the ASLO Director of Communications and Science to achieve ASLO's public policy goals. Committee activities should serve primarily to facilitate ASLO member engagement in public policy through 1) dissemination of information (e.g., Bulletin articles, organizing contributed sessions or panel discussions at conferences) and 2) coordination of training opportunities (e.g., workshops or webinars) for ASLO members. The committee may also coordinate and participate in activities that introduce policymakers to aquatic science (e.g. classroom on the Hill events, exhibition events showcasing science, etc.). The Policy Committee is also charged to develop the process for public policy positions, select members with relevant expertise, accomplish the initial vetting/improvement of the statements, and forward recommendations about the statements to the Board/Membership. The Policy Committee is also tasked to regularly reviewing standing statements as to whether they need to be updated or eliminated.

Pat Glibert, Chair (to 6/26)
Roxane Maranger (to 6/24)
Dianne Greenfield (to 6/24)
Michelle McCrackin (to 2026)
Susanne Menden-Deuer (to 6/28)
Brittany Schieler, ex officio

Patricia Glibert

Pat Glibert

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