COVID-19 Information

Statement on COVID-19 for the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022

The safety and health of attendees and residents of Hawaii are the top priority for the OSM 2022 Organizers. As such, we are closely monitoring case rates, local guidelines, travel restrictions, testing, and vaccination, to make safe and informed decisions regarding OSM 2022. We encourage all attendees to be vaccinated, and OSM 2022 will follow health guidelines at federal, state, and local levels to mitigate risk.

We continue to be in contact with officials in Hawaii on the local and state levels, as well as the Hawaii Convention Center.  Updates are provided as they become available.

20 September 2021 Update

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi announced moving away from the Tier System and into a more flexible and responsive approach to Honolulu’s COVID-19 related restrictions called the Safe Oahu Response Plan.  Details are available via Safe Oahu Response Plan — One Oahu.

27 August 2021 Update

We are in contact with the Hawaii state government, Hawaii Tourism Authority, and Hawaii Convention Center, as well as the OSM Local Committee, to assess the situation and ensure compliance with the latest regulations. We will continue to provide the OSM community with updates on current measures and information on up-to-date travel restrictions.

28 July 2021 Update

  • As of 8 July 2021, the City & County of Honolulu eased COVID-19 restrictions for the Island of Oahu to allow for gatherings, meetings, and events under the Tier 5 reopening strategy. Restrictions are expected to ease further upon >70% vaccinated in Hawaii.
  • Fully vaccinated U.S. domestic travelers may be exempt from quarantine and testing with proper documentation.
  • Those not fully vaccinated, or vaccinated outside of the US, will need proof of a negative COVID test from an approved trusted testing partner within 72 hours prior to their final leg of departure to be exempt from the 10-day self-quarantine for trans-Pacific travelers.
  • Masks and social distancing are required indoors.

Virtual Meeting Options

OSM 2022 is planning both in-person and virtual components. These remote participation options will give those unable to or unsure about travel an opportunity to participate in the conference. While we optimistically hope for an in-person meeting, we are also prepared to convene an entirely virtual conference if necessary due to guidance from health and governmental authorities. This decision will be made in early November 2021, and we will also adapt to any changes between then and the conference dates.


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