Raymond L. Lindeman and John Martin Awards Subcommittee

Paty-Matrai 200px

Paty Matrai
Committee Chair

Charge: Solicit nominations for and select the recipients of ASLO’s two prestigious paper awards. The Raymond L. Lindeman Award recognizes an outstanding paper written by an early career (within two years of terminal degree) limnologist or oceanographer. The John Martin Award recognizes a paper in aquatic sciences published at least 10 years ago that is judged to have had a high impact on subsequent research in the field. While this one subcommittee is responsible for soliciting nominations for and selecting recipients of both awards, nominations (forms and requirements) must still be directed towards the applicable award. Additionally, recipient recognition will also remain separate.

Paty Matrai, Chair (to 12/25)
Andrea G. Bravo (to 12/25)
Kai Ziervogel (to 12/25)
Hans-Peter Grossart (to 12/25)
Isabel Reche (to 12/25)
Soren Brothers (to 12/25)
Dedmer van der Waal (to 12/25)

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