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ASLO fosters a diverse, international scientific community that creates, integrates and communicates knowledge across the full spectrum of aquatic sciences, advances public awareness and education about aquatic resources and research, and promotes scientific stewardship of aquatic resources for the public interest.



Arctic Lakes
On sunny days like this it is tempting to jump in a study lake to cool down, but the water is frigid!  (photo credit: Karl Heuchel, Umeå University)

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Voices for Well-Being in Aquatic Science


Limnology and Oceanography Research Exchange

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2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting

New Orleans, Louisiana
18-23 February 2024


2024 ASLO Summer Meeting

Adapting to a Changing World

Madison, Wisconsin
1-7 June 2024

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Photo by Wayne Wurtsbaugh

Limnology and Oceanography Defined

Aquatic science is the study of the planet's oceanic and freshwater environments. Oceanography is the study of the biological, chemical, geological, optical and physical characteristics of oceans and estuaries, while limnology is the study of these same characteristics in inland waters (lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and wetlands).

Educational Resources

If you are an instructor or teaching assistant preparing for a course in oceanography, limnology, or general earth science, ASLO may be able to help. We have an extensive collection of free access, peer-reviewed, and up-to-date content that can be a perfect supplement to your course material.

Photo by Michael Glockzin
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