Gather Town

From Monday, 28 February to Friday, 4 March, OSM 2022 attendees can use Gather to socialize and network with others during breaks and certain events.

OSM 2022 will use Gather to provide networking opportunities. It's a fun way to join discussion groups, play games, meet with friends and make new ones. You will enter through the exhibit gallery so please stop and visit with our exhibitors. If you are not familiar with Gather, please click on the link below to learn more about Gather. There will also be a help "desk" if you have problems or questions. Remember, you must be registered to enter the Gather space.

OSM Lobby

There are four environment maps: tropic isles, sunken isles, high latitude isles, and wooded isles. You can move between each one. Exhibits will be in all four, although exhibitors will only appear in one.

Along with an OSM 2022 lobby area, discussion areas include:

  • Students and Early Career Attendees
  • Ocean Decade: Impact of our Science Contribution
  • Work Life Balance: Successes and Challenges
  • Climate Science
  • Remote Sensing

Visit any of the islands where there will be open discussion areas on the following topics.  Start a discussion or join in with others interested in these topics.

The Rainbow Reception will have its own Gather space.

Exhibitors will be staffing their booth in the Tropical Isle realm during the breaks (11:00 - 11:30 ET and 16:30 - 17:00 ET) and possibly at other times.

Take a tour of Gather Town:

Basic Instructions

To start, simply open the link.

  1. Create your avatar with the name that you registered with.
  2. To move, use the directional pad or WASD:
    ↑ W
    ← A ↓ S D →

    Alternatively, double click on the map to move to a specific location.

  3. Video and audio will appear with proximity to others. You can mute and/or turn off your video with the icons on your video window.- The chat is located at the bottom left. You can type to chat with individuals or with nearby groups.
    • You will be automatically muted and video turned off if you tab out of Gather.
    • You can also mute and/or turn off video of others—this is only for you and they will not be notified.
    • If you witness or experience inappropriate behavior, refer to Safe OSM.

  4. From the Participants button on the left navigation menu, use the search bar to search for people.
    • Right click (Mac: ctrl-click) on their name to Locate on Map or Follow.
    • You can also click on their character and select Follow or Move Here.
    • Right click and select Bubble, or group up at a table, to have an uninterrupted conversation.

  5. Keyboard shortcuts:
    • x interact with objects (exhibits, minigames, photobooth)
    • g ghost mode (walk through other participants)
    • z dance

To exit, close your browser. When you open Gather later or the next day, you will appear in the location you left off at. The OSM Lobby will be open throughout the entire conference, although technical support will only be available during scheduled breaks and events. For a more detailed walkthrough, refer to Gather support.

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