Early Career Events

EC01 Community input SOLAS 2025-2035 Implementation Plan

Time/Date: Thursday, 08-Jun-23,13:30 to15:00
Location: Auditorium Mallorca
Lead Organizer: Joan Llort ([email protected])

The Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Survey (SOLAS) is a global and multidisciplinary research program aiming to coordinate the ocean-atmosphere interphase research. The program was established in 2004 and has contributed to the research community's collaboration and capacity building on the biogeochemical and physical interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere.   SOLAS has dedicated efforts on engaging and fostering collaborations amongst early career researchers, thanks to the prestigious SOLAS Summer School. In 2023, the program has created an Early Career Scientific Committee (ECS). One of the goals of this committee is to work with the research community to draft the new SOLAS Implementation Plan for 2025-2035.   In this event, we seek to present the ECS to the community and hear their input on the future of SOLAS. The event is open to all, but we are particularly interested on receiving feedback from the early career community working on the ocean-atmosphere interphase.

EC02 Meet the L&O Letters Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellows

Time/Date: Thursday, 08-Jun-23,13:30 to15:00
Location: Sala Portixol 1
Lead Organizer: Rita Franco-Santos ([email protected])

The Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellowship was established to contribute to the development of early career researchers (ECRs) in aquatic sciences and their outreach to peers in the context of scientific publishing, including open-access publishing, peer review, and writing. During the two-year period when they work with the Editors of ASLO journals (currently Limnology and Oceanography: Letters), Fellows get exposure and experience in most, if not all, aspects of the publishing process. The skills developed are aimed to enhance their careers and future contributions to journals as peer reviewers and editorial board members. The Fellows also share their learning and experiences with the scientific community, particularly other ECRs, via a range of outreach activities. They would like to invite ECRs at the ASM to an informal gathering, where Fellows will share their experiences and be available to answer questions their peers may have about the Fellowship.

EC03 Early Career Mixer

Time/Date: Tuesday, 06-Jun-23,20:30 to22:00
Location: Hall Menorca
Lead Organizer: Heili Lowman ([email protected])

Come to the Early Career Mixer, hosted by the ASLO early career committee (ECC)! This event is an opportunity to meet, network, and discuss potential collaborations with fellow aquatic scientists. Researchers of all career levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. The ECC will be facilitating the event and helping attendees make new connections with the international aquatic science community.

EC04 Putting the ‘Fun’ back in Funding: advice for early career aquatic scientists on acquiring research funding

Time/Date: Wednesday, 07-Jun-23,13:30 to15:00
Location: Auditorium Illes Balears
Lead Organizer: Cale Gushulak ([email protected])

A researcher’s career path is often dictated by the success or failure of their external funding applications. Acquiring funding, both for supportive salaries and research, by early career researchers is particularly difficult as they may have little experience in writing grant applications, and may not be as competitive compared to senior researchers. In this event, the ASLO Early Career Committee has invited a group of global senior researchers to give advice on how to obtain research funding specific to their regions (e.g., Asia, EU, South America, US). This event will also provide tips on how to engage with industry and non-governmental organizations for potential funding sources outside of standard academic systems.  Add a limited number of lunches will be available to those attending the workshop at the conclusion of the workshop.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, we ask that you kindly register at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G7B9YWX.

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