Sexual Misconduct at Field Stations and Research Vessels

A core goal of ASLO is to foster a scientific community that is safe, hospitable, and productive for all of its members. Many, if not most, ASLO members conduct extensive field work, often in remote locations for extended periods and including work on research vessels and at field stations. Work in such remote settings removed from the normal sphere of social interactions can sometimes enable unacceptable behavior such as sexual assault and sexual harassment (which includes inappropriate remarks, unwelcome attention, uninvited photography or recording, distribution of unwanted sexual content via social media, and unwanted physical contact). ASLO denounces such behavior and urges all, and especially those in positions of authority, to take measures to create a positive working atmosphere where such behavior does not occur and where appropriate sanctions are enforced when it does. These measures include making policies clear to all participants and providing information about avenues for reporting sexual assault and other unwanted sexual behavior. Measures also include establishing a general atmosphere in which all members of the community take responsibility for addressing the inappropriate behaviors and harmful attitudes that can support sexual harassment and sexual assault.

ASLO may refuse or rescind membership to individuals shown to have received official sanction for sexual misconduct at places of employment or research; appeals of this sanction must be brought to the ASLO Board. Resources for finding support if you have experienced sexual misconduct and for establishing a safe and respectful work environment at sea and at field sites can be found at the ASLO website.

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