Julia Mullarney named Deputy Editor for Limnology & Oceanography

Julia Mullarney named Deputy Editor for Limnology & Oceanography

The Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) is pleased to announce that Julia Mullarney will join the ASLO editorial team as Deputy Editor for Limnology & Oceanography (L&O). Mullarney has served as Associate Editor for L&O since 2019 and has been an active ASLO member since 2012. Julia’s appointment from the established, experienced ranks of L&O Associate Editors was approved by the ASLO Board following the recommendation of the Publications Committee and the Editor-in-Chief. “The ASLO Board and Publications Committee welcome Julia to the L&O editorial team, are delighted with her enthusiasm, and thank her in advance for upholding the high standards of ASLO’s flagship journal in her new position,” said Roxane Maranger, President of ASLO.

Julia Mullarney holds the post of Senior Lecturer in the Earth Sciences Program at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, where she has been since 2011. Her research focuses on physical and bio-geophysical processes in the coastal zone, with an emphasis on combining field measurements with numerical and theoretical analysis to elucidate key dynamics of coastal systems across multiple scales. “I am very excited for the opportunity to serve alongside Dave and the team at L&O as Deputy Editor,” said Mullarney. “L&O continues to maintain very high standards and publishes great science, predominantly due to the efforts made by authors and dedicated, thoughtful, and respectful reviewers from within the aquatic sciences community.”

Founded in 1956, L&O is continuously among the most cited journals in the aquatic sciences. With a unifying theme of understanding aquatic ecosystems, L&O currently receives over 500 submissions each year and publishes 12 regular issues and at least one special issue, with a total of approximately 2800 pages each year. As Deputy Editor, Mullarney will serve as lead editor for upcoming special and virtual issues of L&O and as senior oceanographic expert on the L&O editorial board consistent with her current duties as a regular associate editor, and will assist the Editor-in-Chief with review, analysis, and synthesis of data on journal performance and publishing trends in the field.

“I am extremely delighted that Julia has accepted the position of Deputy Editor for Limnology and Oceanography,” said L&O Editor-in-Chief Dave Hambright. “Working with her as one of the Associate Editors for the journal these past two years has been a real pleasure. We share a great deal in common with respect to our expectations for the journal and for our authors. Julia’s expertise in oceanography and her leadership on the editorial board will help ensure that the journal continues to maintain its strong reputation within the aquatic sciences.”

Julia Mullarney
Julia Mullarney joins ASLO as Deputy Editor for Limnology & Oceanography.
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