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L&O Moves to Online Monthly Issues

Since the first issue of the journal was published in January 1956, L&O has been available in print format. After considerable discussion, the ASLO Board has voted to discontinue the print version of L&O, and to move to monthly publication of the journal.

There were three prevailing considerations for ASLO in evaluating discontinuing print for L&O. First, authors and readers are the lifeblood of ASLO publications. Many authors wish to include color figures in their published manuscripts and color is required for certain images. To offset the high costs of reproducing color images in print, L&O authors are required to pay a fee for these color images. Many L&O authors object to paying for color in print, as the majority now read journals online and do not wish to spend their limited publication funds for the sole purpose of reproducing color figures in the print version of the journal.

Second, L&O is currently published bi-monthly. This schedule is entirely driven by considerations around print. Moving to a monthly schedule is highly desirable.

Finally, ASLO emphasizes environmental sustainability in all of its activities, and printing and shipping of the journal incurs energy costs and pollution.

Following an in-depth review and discussion of these considerations, the Board concluded that L&O should transition to an online-only format.  In 2020 L&O will be published monthly as an online only journal. This will allow more rapid publication as well as easier and cheaper use of color figures by authors. ASLO has also arranged for those members who prefer print to obtain a printed version of the journal through a subscription service. This change will allow us to improve our services to authors, enhance the visual quality of the journal, and retain a print option.

For those who wish to continue receiving L&O in the print format, our Wiley partners have established a print-on-demand (POD) subscription with Sheridan. ASLO members will be able to purchase the L&O POD subscription directly from Sheridan, beginning with the 2020 volume year. We have negotiated a discounted rate with Sheridan for ASLO members, and later this year we will provide a specific Sheridan POD discount code for ASLO members, along with instructions on how to execute your POD subscription directly through Sheridan. The member discounted price for one year of L&O print (12 issues beginning in January 2020) will be $233.47 USD inclusive of all fees.

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