Amplifying Voices Webinars 2021

Amplifying Voices Webinar Series

The ASLO Early Career Subcommittee is pleased to invite you to our webinar series, “Amplifying Voices: Early Career Researchers Making Waves in Aquatic Sciences.” This webinar series promotes the exciting work of early career aquatic scientists from underrepresented groups in our global community. The series features presentations from early-career researchers. In each session, the presenters share their work in 20-minute presentations followed by a moderated Q+A.  The presentations are free to the public.

Webinars are presented each month and are recorded.  The videos are uploaded to ASLO's YouTube channel and are freely available for viewing.

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2021 Webinars

November 11, 2021
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Brittni Bertolet
University of California, Irvine (USA)
Does microbial diversity really matter? Evidence from sediment methane production

Patricia Valdespino-Castillo
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA)
Synchrotron infrared studies of biomineral microenvironments

December 9, 2021
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Aasif Mohmad Lone
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (India)
The late Holocene lacustrine proxy records from Northwest Himalaya: Implications to regional hydroclimate variability

Bhakti Salgaonkar
Department of Microbiology, Goa University (India)
Bioprospecting of Halophilic Archaea from the Food Grade Iodised Crystal Salt from a Saltern of India

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