Contributed Sessions List

If you are interested in chairing a contributed session, please contact with your name, institution, email address and experience with the sessions’ topic.

CS001 Human and Social Dimensions

CS002 Management and Conservation of Aquatic Systems

CS003 Restoration

CS004 Urban Ecosystems

CS005 Valuation of Aquatic Ecosystems and Resources

CS006 Acidification

CS007 Trace metals

CS008 Hypoxia

CS009 Stable Isotopes

CS010 Gas Fluxes

CS011 Nitrogen biogeochemistry and cycling

CS012 Phosphorus biogeochemistry and cycling

CS013 Carbon fluxes in FW & marine environment

CS014 Dissolved organic matter - DOC, DON, DOP, fDOM, cDOM

CS015 Sediment dynamics

CS016 Environmental Change

CS017 Extreme Events

CS018 Harmful blooms

CS019 Novel methods

CS020 Regime shifts

CS021 Success through science

CS022 Fish and fisheries

CS023 Aquatic food webs

CS024 Biodiversity

CS025 Community Ecology

CS026 Microbial ecology and physiology

CS027 Phytoplankton ecology and physiology

CS028 Primary production

CS029 Viruses

CS030 Zooplankton ecology and physiology

CS031 Aquatic Landscape Ecology

CS032 Benthic and Littoral Ecology and Physiology

CS033 River and Stream Ecology

CS034 Aquatic Invasion Ecology

CS035 Coral Reef Ecosystems

CS036 Estuarine Ecosystems

CS037 Antarctic Ecosystems

CS038 Polar Ecosystems

CS039 Coastal Ecosystems

CS040 Aquatic Education: K12 to Postgraduate

CS041 Communicating Science to the Public

CS042 Successes in/through Education

CS043 Undergraduate Research Projects

CS044 Big data in aquatic systems

CS045 Global oceanography and limnology

CS046 Models and modelling

CS047 Physical dynamics

CS048 Physical-Biological Coupling

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