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OSM 2022 Exhibitors: Strengthen Connections and Partnerships with International Scientists

The Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022 is co-sponsored by the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO), and The Oceanography Society (TOS). Through the combined power of these three organizations, along with the broader conservation-focused community, this meeting provides attendees the opportunity to bridge disciplines, connect communities, and make lasting partnerships.

The Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM) is the flagship conference for the ocean sciences and the larger ocean-connected community. During the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, beginning in 2021, it is increasingly important to gather as a scientific community to raise awareness of the truly global dimension of the ocean, address environmental challenges, and set forth on a path towards a resilient planet.

Why Exhibit at Ocean Sciences Meeting in 2022?

OSM 2022 is a partner with the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. This meeting continues the tradition of bringing together scientists from over 60 countries with expected attendance of approximately 5,000. The virtual meeting platform expands the audience of scientists, educators, government representatives, and industry leaders. OSM 2022 is an excellent opportunity to communicate with leaders in oceanography and related fields.

Exhibitor Fees

The on-site exhibitor fees have been reduced by 25% for the virtual environment,.

Booth Type Rate
Commercial $1,875.00
Government $785.00
Non-Profit/Educational $560.00

Included With Your Booth

This year’s virtual platform expands exhibitor experiences, providing:

Exhibitor Gallery

  • Dedicated micro-page for each exhibitor
  • Ability to showcase: Logo,Organization Description, Calendar link, Handouts/downloads, Social connections, Commercial Video and more.

Exhibitors will have dedicated virtual locations to publish information and interact with attendees. Information may include downloadable material, videos, and contact information. The combination of an easy-to-navigate gallery and portal are the foundation of how exhibitors interact with attendees, creating relevant networking opportunities.

Sample Exhibitor Page

Exhibitor FAQ

Your dedicated page provides the ability to showcase organization’s logo, description, calendar link, handouts and downloads, social media connections, and video. Interact with attendees, especially one-on-one, during individually scheduled meeting times that you designate availability.

What personal interchange is possible for exhibitors to have with those attending OSM 2022?

Each exhibitor’s dedicated micro-page has a scheduling feature that allows individual meeting times to be planned. Interact with attendees, especially one-on-one, during individually scheduled meeting times that your availability is shown. Additionally, an exhibitor room will be available the Gather area. The latter will be available during breaks and other times when scientific sessions are not planned.

What are features of the dedicated micro-page?

The ability to showcase your organization’s logo, description, calendar link, handouts and downloads, social media connections, and video.

How many videos can the virtual booth accommodate?


How many PDF documents can we upload in the virtual booth?

As many as you like.

Are there options to host roundtable discussions on the virtual platform?

A session could be built for you as a workshop. Contact Sue Rulla, [email protected] for details.

During the one-on-one scheduled meetings how would the interactions be executed? Via messenger/video?

Chat and video.

How far in advance will we be able to populate the booth?

Around first of February.

What type of post-meeting information will be provided to exhibitors?

  • Gallery Visit Data
  • Video Play and Watch Data
  • External Link Click Data

Exhibitor Alert

OSM encourages you to be aware of organizations who claim to have access to the OSM 2022 Attendee list, as they may try to sell this list to you. Please note that OSM does not distribute an attendee list and does not offer list rental services. Also, be aware companies other than OSM may contact you and indicate that they are affiliated with Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. These companies are not affiliated in any way with OSM 2022 and it is highly recommended that you do not use their services.

For More Information

For questions, inquiries and other details, contact: Jo Davis, Exhibit Coordinator, [email protected].

Register as an Exhibitor

Before navigating to the registration site, please review the following:

  • Be sure to log in with the society account you used when submitting your abstract or managing your session, town hall or auxiliary event. Not a member? Consider joining one or more society (AGU, ASLO, TOS) or create a guest account at AGU, ASLO, or TOS.
  • Choose Registration -> Exhibitor Registration form the top menu.
  • The Pay by Check feature can be used to defer payment for organizational budgeting issues or if you anticipate receiving an OSM registration award (students and early career professionals).

Questions may be directed to [email protected].

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