Abstract Guidelines

Please read the following information before you submit the abstract:

  • Submission via the conference website is required.
  • Abstract fees are due at the time of submission and are payable in U.S. dollars.
  • Those who submit abstracts for this meeting must be able to fund their own registration. Opportunities for student and early career grants will be available for those who qualify. Application for grants must be made at the time of abstract registration.
  • Only one abstract is permitted per presenting author, with exceptions made for second submissions to Innovative Sessions, the Education & Outreach or Ocean Policy and the Blue Economy tracks, or invited poster presentations.
  • Please keep in mind it may be necessary to accept for poster presentation some abstracts submitted for oral presentation.
  • The submission deadline of 11:59 pm EDT on 29 September 2021 will be strictly enforced. Abstracts received after this date will not be accepted.
  • Authors will be updated on the status of their abstract in November 2021.
  • Duplicate submissions by the same first author will be identified, and duplicate abstracts will be removed.

Abstract Fees

Abstract fees are per abstract. Multiple submissions require multiple abstract fees.

Abstract Fee Price
Regular $75
Student $45
Developing Country* $0
*Please Note—Those submitting under the developing country rates will be subject to verifying their current country of residence. This rate is only available to those participants who are currently living and working in a low- or lower-middle-income economies as defined by the World Bank (https://datahelpdesk.worldbank.org/knowledgebase/articles/906519-world-bank-country-and-lending-groups

Abstract Preparation Specifications

All abstracts must be in English, using metric units. Limit the use of chemical or mathematical formulae, and Greek characters. Do not use bold. Italicize only scientific names. Do not indent paragraphs. Use a single space between sentences.

The title of the abstract must be in all caps and must not exceed 300 characters. The body of the abstract must adhere to a maximum character count of 2000 including spaces. This is exclusive of the abstract title and the author listing. Please make the abstract as informative and representative of your presentation as possible.

Do not list authors in the abstract. Use the add co-authors tool below the abstract text submission box to enter this information

Make sure that the presenter is also listed as an author.

Use standard capitalization for all names. Do not put names in all caps.

Special characters and formatting are not required.

If you are not able to submit your abstract via the website, please contact Sue Rulla at [email protected].

Abstract Submission Requirements

The abstract fee is non-refundable should it later be determined that you are not able to attend and make your presentation.

Poster presentations are strongly encouraged and will play an important role in this meeting. Please keep in mind it may be necessary to accept for poster presentation some abstracts submitted for oral presentation and, likewise, those who submit abstracts for poster presentation may be asked to make an oral presentation.

Session Choice

To assist the organizing committee in assigning your abstract to an appropriate session, you should enter your first, second, and third choices under the Session Topic portion of the abstract form.

All three choices must be indicated if you wish for your abstract to be considered.

Do not select duplicate session choices. Session choices should be made to help the organizers place your abstract. Duplicate session choices will be ignored, and placement will be at the organizers discretion if a conflict exists.

While every attempt will be made to accommodate your session requests, the committee cannot guarantee your abstract will be placed in any of the sessions chosen. Priority is given to the overall scientific program, and therefore, final placement is solely at the discretion of the organizing committee.

Previewing Abstracts

After you have submitted your abstract, you will receive a confirmation that provides instructions for checking your abstract for errors and making necessary corrections. Please check your abstract submission carefully and make any necessary corrections by 29 September 2021 at 11:59 pm EDT.

Presentation Type

Oral sessions are allocated by the program committee based on the total number of submissions received to a session and oral presentations are assigned by the session chairs. There is typically only enough room to present 40 percent of oral abstracts received. If preferred, you may request a poster presentation; these requests will be honored. All invited presentations will be posters.

If you submit an abstract, you are obligated to give the presentation as assigned. Your submission also grants the society organizers permission to publish the abstract in the meeting program.

Once assigned by the program committee and scheduled by the session chair, the date and time of the presentation will not be changed; presenters are advised not to arrange travel until acceptance notifications are issued in early November with assigned session dates and times. The presentations may be scheduled anytime during concurrent sessions.

Presentation Format

You may choose to submit your abstract as either in-person or virtual if the session you submit to supports these formats. Please read a session's description to find out what formats are available. Keep in mind that registration rates differ for in-person or virtual participation and you must make a commitment during abstarct submission. In the event that COVID-19 prevents an in-person meeting, all sessions will be virtual.

eLightning sessions

An eLightning session is a three-minute oral presentation, paired with a digital interactive poster, that creates an engaging experience for both presenters and attendees, providing significant additional value, including the ability to incorporate videos and audio recordings and to show complex data sets.

Invited Poster Authors

Invited poster authors must submit their abstracts directly via a link in the invitation they receive from the session chair. If the abstract is not submitted through this formal invitation, the abstract will not have an invited status listing. Accepting this invitation and submitting an invited abstract acknowledges that the author will present a poster for that abstract.

An author may accept and submit only one invited poster abstract, but may also submit an abstract to (in any combination): a Scientific Session, an Education and Policy Session, an Innovative Session.

Session chairs are not allowed to present an invited poster in a session they are chairing, but may submit a contributed abstract to their session.

Invited poster authors do not receive waived or discounted abstract fees, registration fees, or travel reimbursement.

Withdrawal of Presentations

Authors whose papers are accepted and scheduled for presentation at the meeting must notify the conference management office and the lead session organizer if they need to withdraw. Authors are encouraged to send such notice before 27 January 2022.

The original presenting author of a paper may have another author present that paper at no charge as long as that person is not already scheduled to present at the meeting. They must notify the conference project manager, Sue Rulla, of this change by email at [email protected].

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