Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin

Laura Falkenberg

Laura Falkenberg

The Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin is a forum for the ASLO community to share and discuss developments in the field: science, education, policy or otherwise. These developments can be shared in a variety of formats, listed below:


Articles should be of broad interest to a large portion of the ASLO membership (and ideally to outside readers as well). For example, topics such as new directions or methods in aquatic science, new findings on or interpretations of major topics, or political and educational issues or approaches. Articles typically are between 3000 - 5000 words, include 3 figures, photos, or tables, and 5-10 references. As opposed to a scientific article, they are written in more of a newspaper or magazine style, meaning that the writing should be engaging. Figures or photographs can be in color and should be uploaded as separate files in TIF format (CMYK) or EPS, not imbedded in the text file.


First person accounts, opinion pieces, comments or responses to Articles, or pleas to the community about some aquatic science or political (e.g., funding for science) issue are published as Viewpoint pieces. These are typically less than 1500 words and can include 2-3 references.


ASLO News items include topical messages from ASLO officials and editors of ASLO publications, ASLO election information and results, policy analyses, and committee reports.

Member News

Member News includes obituaries, tributes, and announcements concerning members of ASLO, such as awards and distinctions. Announcements are typically very short (fewer than 100 words) and include an image of the ASLO member. Obituaries of ASLO members are typically ~1000 words and include an image of the ASLO member.

Community News

Community News items include information pieces about programs or initiatives of interest to the ASLO community. We also publish Institute Profiles, which present the history or future of institutes related to the aquatic sciences, such as field stations or marine labs. Length varies for these submissions, but should not exceed 1500 words.

Meeting Highlights

Meeting Highlights include news and information related to recent meetings. The meeting should be of interest to a broad segment of aquatic scientists. Meeting Highlights are about 500 words and include a single image.

Book Reviews

Books reviewed in the Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin are recent titles in the fields of oceanography, limnology, marine biology, aquatic ecology, ecology, and aquatic science policy and management, as well as occasionally 'popular science' books. Most reviews are commissioned by the editors, but we would very much like to hear suggestions for book reviews. Book reviews typically about 1000 words. If you would like to suggest a book for review or review a book, please contact the editors at [email protected]

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