Volunteer and Participate!

How can I participate?

Volunteer and nominate! ASLO relies on volunteers and nominees in all its activities, especially to populate the ASLO Board of Directors as well as Standing and Ad Hoc Committees. Board and Standing Committee members serve staggered terms, so new members are needed each year. Ad hoc committees, such as the Publications Committee and Public Policy Committee, are formed to accomplish specific tasks over a limited period (usually two years) but may still need new members to cover particular areas of expertise. Enthusiasm, new ideas and new insights are always welcome!

ASLO relies primarily on volunteers among its members to nominate other ASLO members for awards. Take a look at the list of ASLO awards and past recipients and consider making such a nomination.

ASLO also relies on volunteers to assist with meetings. As just one example, Student Poster Awards are given at each ASLO meeting to recognize the accomplishments of scientists early in their careers. The Student Poster Award program is intended to have a positive impact on future research plans and employment opportunities. The program is entirely dependent on volunteer reviewers.

If you are interested in service on the Board of ASLO or can suggest another good candidate, please contact the Nominations Committee. To volunteer for service at an upcoming meeting, contact the Organizing Committee or Chairs for the meeting. Your interest will be greatly appreciated!


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