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ASLO supports a variety of professional development programs for its student and early career members, as well as public education and outreach programs.  It only takes a moment!

Contribute to Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellowships

The ASLO Board of Directors is excited by the initial success of the Cole Fellowships. Your donation will allow us to sustain and expand this program beyond the initial generous gift from the Cole family.

Support the ASLO Global Outreach Initiative

A component of ASLO’s mission is to advance world-wide public awareness about aquatic resources, science and research. ASLO's Global Outreach Initiative has begun to assist ASLO members outside the U.S. in communicating aquatic science to non-technical audiences using creative and impactful outreach projects. Successful local projects have been completed from Africa and Oceania, to Southeast Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Your donations to the ASLO Global Outreach Initiative will help fund expand these important ASLO efforts through the dedication and creativity of our members. 100% of your donations will be used to fund Global Outreach projects.

Support Early Career Scientist Participation at ASLO Conferences

ASLO devotes significant resources to encouraging and supporting early-career scientists for participation in all facets of the society, including serving as members on ASLO committees, the ASLO Science Communication Internships, and the Yentsch-Schindler Early Career Award.

Your donation will help support the diversity of professional development workshops and networking events at ASLO conferences and help defray travel expenses to the ASLO conferences. 100% of your donations will be used to directly support early career scientists within one year following your donation.

Support Student Participation at ASLO Conferences

Students play a vital role in ASLO and are the future of our science society and our science. Engaging, mentoring and encouraging students to be active aquatic scientists and active participants in ASLO is crucial to the health of our field. ASLO is one of the few aquatic science societies that elects two students as voting members of the ASLO Board of Directors.

Your donations help to defray student travel expenses to ASLO conferences, and support a diversity of mentoring and engagement activities at the conferences. 100% of your donations will be used to support student travel and participation in ASLO conferences within one year following your donation.

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