Ramón Margalef Award for Excellence in Education


In 2008, the Board initiated a new award for Excellence in Education to recognize excellence in teaching and mentoring in the fields of limnology and oceanography. This award is targeted toward aquatic scientists at any stage in their careers and will be presented to the candidate who best exemplifies the highest standards of excellence in education. While this award is intended for individuals, under exceptional circumstances the awards committee may consider a pair/team.

The Ramón Margalef Award for Excellence in Education was first presented in 2009 and will be presented annually. Margalef's biography was compiled by Dr. Francesc Peters and published in the March 2010 issue of the Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin.


Each nomination must be supported by a letter (not to exceed two pages) describing the qualifications of the nominee. This letter should outline the aspects of the nominee's educational contributions that best demonstrate adherence to the highest standards of excellence in education at any level (undergraduate, graduate, collegial, or public). Nominations should also describe and present metrics used to demonstrate the impact of the nominee's contributions. These should surpass simple student evaluations or numbers of persons served but should show how the nominee's pedagogical work has led to broader and deeper understanding of limnology or oceanography by students, colleagues, or others. Ideally the nomination letter should include statements that would form the basis of the citation and the presentation speech at the ASLO meeting. The nomination should be supported by 3 letters of endorsement of no more than 1 page each. The supporting letters should indicate the breadth of support for the nominees and the perspectives of different individuals to clearly indicate the contributions of the nominees in all their areas of expertise.


Robert Chen (2024), for his unparalleled enthusiasm, skills, and dedication to improving young scientists’ abilities in and commitment to broader impacts. Read complete citation

Yannick Huot (2023), whose leadership of the NSERC Canadian Lake Pulse network secured support, training, and mentorship of several large cohorts of undergraduate and graduate students as well as post-doctoral fellows within a unique multidisciplinary platform. Read complete citation

Michael J. Vanni (2022), in recognition of his passionate and lifelong commitment to education, and outstanding mentoring contribution from a rare combination of passion for science and compassion for students. Read complete citationView award presentation

Russell Cuhel (2021),, in recognition of his outstanding 27-yr leadership in training, mentoring, and providing professional development opportunities that has promoted a diverse undergraduate presence within the aquatic sciences.  Read complete citationView award presentation

Stephanie Hampton (2020), for her outstanding contributions in the training and mentoring of young scientists with an emphasis on collaboration, data sharing and networking that have engaged researchers at all levels.  Read complete citationView award presentation

David Fields (2019), for his enthusiastic leadership and effusive commitment to developing transformative, hands-on marine science education programs, and for creating opportunities for authentic science experiences for high school and college students from all backgrounds. Read complete citation | View award presentation

Cynthia Hagley (2018), for her vision and success at developing career-long relationships among scientists and educators, for impacting thousands of students, and for making environmental and aquatic data understandable to non-specialists. Read complete citation | View award presentation

Caroline Solomon (2017), for her extraordinary accomplishments in bringing the deaf and hearing worlds in science together, coupled with her exceptional skill as a mentor, educator, and leader to inspire us all. View award presentation

Kenneth H. Dunton (2016), for being a visionary and continually creating new and innovative approaches to bridge science and education, bringing hands-on, real world outreach into local communities, and training science teachers and the next generation of marine scientists and ecologists.View award presentation

Marianne Moore (2015) is recognized for her work as an outstanding teacher who has been a tremendous inspiration to her students in the classroom, the laboratory and the field; her scholarship has been notable for its excellence, broad recognition and impact around the world. View award presentation

Stanley I. Dodson (2014), an extraordinary educator who taught respect and awe for natural surroundings, the importance of observation, and appreciation for the process of learning. View award presentation

Warwick F. Vincent (2013), for his devotion to teaching, which has never faded, and for his contagious passion, which is just as intense as in the very beginning, that together make him the best mentor a student could have. View award presentation

John P. Smol (2012), for his outstanding work with educational duties of teaching undergraduate courses and mentoring graduate students. View award presentation

Juan Gonzalez (2011), a tireless and remarkable educator who, during his long professional life has enriched the educational experiences of countless students and teachers of all ages. View award presentation

C. Susan Weiler (2010), for her longstanding dedication to mentoring and educating the next generation of scholars in limnology and oceanography, and particularly for her visionary development of programs for newly graduated doctoral students. View award presentation

Benjamin Cuker (2009) for his outstanding teaching in the classroom, his exemplary and nationally-noted efforts to promote minority participation in aquatic sciences, and for being a gifted mentor. We truly have an outstanding and caring educator to be our first recipient of this important award. View award presentation

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