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Impact factor: 4.5
H-index: 216
2022 downloads: 1.15M
Limnology Rank: 3/21
Oceanography Rank: 5/65

Limnology and Oceanography includes original articles and review papers about all aspects of limnology and oceanography. The journal's unifying theme is the understanding of aquatic ecosystems. Submissions are judged on the originality of their data, interpretations, and ideas, and on the degree to which they can be generalized beyond the particular aquatic ecosystem examined.

Papers that focus on new measurement equipment and techniques or on evaluations and comparisons of existing methods should be directed to Limnology and Oceanography: Methods.

Please contact Editor-in-Chief Dave Hambright or Deputy Editors Julia Mullarney, Steeve Comeau, and Elisa Schaum, if you have any questions prior to submitting to the journal.

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Impact factor: 2.7
H-index: 81
2022 downloads: 242K
Limnology Rank: 6/21
Oceanography Rank: 25/65

Limnology and Oceanography: Methods will consider manuscripts whose primary focus is methodological, and that deal with problems in the aquatic sciences. Manuscripts may present new measurement equipment, techniques for analyzing observations or samples, methods for understanding and interpreting information, analyses of metadata to examine the effectiveness of approaches, invited and contributed reviews and syntheses, and techniques for communicating and teaching in the aquatic sciences.

Papers that focus on applications rather than on methods should be directed to Limnology and Oceanography or Limnology and Oceanography: Letters.

Special Issues that focus on topics that are timely and of interest to a significant number of ASLO members are published occasionally.

If you have any questions about whether a manuscript would be appropriate for L&O: Methods, please contact Editor-in-Chief Paul Kemp prior to submission.

Impact factor: 7.8
H-index: 35
2022 downloads: 181K
Limnology Rank: 1/21
Oceanography Rank: 2/65

Limnology and Oceanography Letters publishes original research that uses any approach (e.g., theoretical, empirical, experimental, modeling) on any aquatic system or scale of study from molecules to global cycles. The Journal focuses on articles with novel insights, articulating how knowledge is advanced.  Studies integrating cross-disciplinary perspectives, boundaries, scales of space or time, or aquatic system types are encouraged. Articles including applications of science to management or policy that are broadly applicable to other aquatic systems are welcome.

A primary goal for L&O Letters is to provide timely review and decisions without sacrificing rigor. L&O Letters boasts a diverse editorial board, spanning disciplines, demography, and country of origin, in order to fully represent the global aquatic science community. The editorial board will strive for transparent, inclusive, and fair practices.

Please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Jim Cloern, if you have any questions prior to submitting to this journal.

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H-index: 14
2021 downloads: 74K

Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin publishes Articles, Viewpoints, Community News, Meeting Highlights, and Book Reviews.

Articles should be of broad interest to a large portion of the ASLO membership (and ideally to outside readers as well). Viewpoint pieces include first-person accounts, opinion pieces, comments or responses to Articles, or pleas to the community about some aquatic science or political (e.g., funding for science) issue. Community News items include information pieces about programs or initiatives of interest to the ASLO community. Meeting Highlights include news and information related to recent meetings. Book Reviews include recent titles in the fields of oceanography, limnology, marine biology, aquatic ecology, ecology, and aquatic science policy and management, as well as occasionally 'popular science' books.  Please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Laura Falkenberg, if you have any questions prior to submitting to this publication.

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Other ASLO Publications

Limnology and Oceanography e-Lectures (ISSN 2164-0254) were prepared by experts on various topics in aquatic sciences. They were peer-reviewed and are fully citable. The lectures are intended as a practical resource for educators and researchers for use at the postsecondary level or for the public at large.

L&O Fluids and Environments (ISSN:2157-3689) was published between 2011-2014 in partnership with Duke University Press. It focused on the interface of fluid dynamics and biology, chemistry, and/or geology in aquatic systems. Although the journal has been retired, its content remains freely available.

ASLO has published several Limnology and Oceanography e-Books, all of which are freely available to the public.

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