2022 Business Meeting Presentations

As part of the ASLO bylaws, the board must hold an annual business meeting open to membership. Similar to last year, the 2021 meeting will be virtual. The full meeting with the Board will be held on Thursday, 8 December 2022 from 9 - 10 AM, Eastern Standard Time.

Four of the Executive Officers will speak to issues related to ASLO activities over the last year including membership, finances, activities, and conferences  in a brief, narrated PowerPoint presentation. The virtual business meeting will  include a questions period with Team ASLO, which includes the full board, our editors and staff.

If you plan to attend the Business Meeting, please register! You must be logged into the ASLO website to view the registration form.

The Powerpoint presentations may be viewed below, as a single video file with all reports combined, or as individual reports.

We hope to see you at the meeting!

All Reports, combined

(not available yet)

Introduction by President Pat Glibert

(not available yet)


Report from Secretary Dianne Greenfield

(not available yet)


Report from Treasurer Phil Taylor

(not available yet)


Report from Executive Director Teresa Curto

(not available yet)



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