ASLO Meetings- Past, Present and Future

ASLO meetings generally have a variety of special sessions suggested and organized by individual members. Members may also organize special workshops to be held concurrent with a meeting. If you would like to organize a meeting, a session, or a workshop in conjunction with an upcoming ASLO meeting, please contact the ASLO Business Office.

The following list includes meetings held since 1990, and meetings planned for the near future. Links to the meeting website and program books are provided if available.  For some recent virtual conferences, the program book is available for several months after the conference.

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Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024

18-23 February 2024 · New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Inspire. Discover. Restore

This year’s theme is Inspire. Discover. Restore. We encourage abstracts that will excite future generations of scientists to explore new frontiers in ocean science, uncover new research and share knowledge of our interconnected ocean.

Co-sponsored by AGU, ASLO and TOS, the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024 will take place on 18-23 February 2024 in New Orleans, LA and is an Endorsed Decade Action program with the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. Active membership in a sponsor organization is not required to submit an abstract.

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ASLO 2024 Meeting

2-7 June 2024 · Madison, Wisconsin

Adapting to a Changing World

The world is rapidly changing. The accelerating tempo of climate change, eutrophication, altered hydrological regimes, overharvest, and biodiversity loss are threatening aquatic ecosystems, water resources, and resultant human well-being. Effectively adapting to meet these challenges will require major transitions in both our thinking and how we manage aquatic ecosystems to build resilience. Sustainable solutions—those that work across sectors, nations, and generations—will emerge from a foundation of actionable aquatic science.

By proposing a special session and submitting an abstract, we hope you’ll help highlight relevant work on aquatic ecosystems in a changing world, and how aquatic organisms, ecosystems, and management are adapting to global environmental change.

Future Meetings

ASLO 2025 Aquatic Sciences Meeting

MARCH 26-31, 2025
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Past Meetings

2023 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting

4–9 June 2023 · Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Chair: Nona Sheila Agawin Romualdo, University of the Balearic Islands
Vice-Chair: Iris Hendriks, IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB)
Vice-Chair: Eva Sintes Elvelin, IEO

Concepts of resilience and recovery do not only apply to aquatic ecosystems but also to societies when faced with disruptions and crises. Past events have shown that adaptability and decisiveness are important keys to resilience and recovery.  We incorporated the theme of resilience and recovery in aquatic systems into the plenary sessions and encouraged submissions that examine these topics.  


2022 Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting

16 - 20 May 2022 · Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the DeVos Place convention center.  The meeting was organized by the Consortium of Aquatic Science Societies (CASS), which includes:

American Fisheries Society, Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation, Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society, International Association for Great Lakes Research, North American Lake Management Society, Phycological Society of America, Society for Freshwater Science, and Society of Wetland Scientists,

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ASLO 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting

27 February - 4 March 2022 · Virtual Conference

AGU Chair: Allison Penko, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
ASLO Chair: Robert Chen, University of Massachusetts Boston
TOS Chair: Grace Chang, Integral Consulting Inc. and University of California, Santa Barbara

Pilina means connection, relationship, and association and is an important value in Hawaiian culture that encourages inclusivity and collaborations to achieve results that cannot be accomplished with one person alone. The 2022 OSM focuses on the importance of strong pilina for the ocean science community. By coming together, we can forge a path toward a sustainable future.



ASLO 2021 Aquatic Sciences Virtual Meeting

22 - 27 June 2021 · Virtual Conference

Chair: Nona Sheila Agawin Romualdo, University of the Balearic Islands
Vice-Chairs: Iris Hendriks, IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB); Eva Sintes Elvelin, IEO</div

Following the pressing needs of the society to ensure a sustainable future, amidst human-influenced environmental changes, the theme of the meeting was Aquatic Sciences for a Sustainable Future: Nurturing Cooperation. This meeting was rescheduled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In this virtual meeting, we embraced dialogue and concentrated on cooperation in an electronic environment.

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FEBRUARY 16 - 21, 2020

Ocean Sciences Meeting

Co-Chair Alessandra Conversi, Vice-Chair Bob Chen, Student Member Ngozi Oguguah

The Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 is co-sponsored by AGU, the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO), and The Oceanography Society (TOS).


JUNE 7 - 12, 2020 (CANCELLED)

ASLO-SFS 2020 Joint Summer Meeting

ASLO Co-Chair Steve Carpenter
SFS Co-Chair Nancy Grimm

Rapid change is a defining feature of the modern era. Increasingly severe threats attributed to global environmental change involve water, including among them scarcity, security, over-appropriation of water resources, extreme hydrological events, accelerating loss of aquatic biodiversity, and overstressed fisheries.

San Juan 2019 3-1

FEBRUARY 24 - MARCH 1, 2019

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Co-Chairs John Downing, Debbie Bronk

Science and innovative problem-solving are keys to creating a better and more resilient world, and this speaks truth to the residents of Puerto Rico. The ASLO 2019 Aquatic Sciences Meeting presented an excellent opportunity for ASLO to showcase how they are doing their part to train scientists in communication to the public and to teach effective research skills to future generations. As with all ASLO meetings, organized activities were available to allow participants to use culturally-relevant projects and strategies to make science more engaging.


FEBRUARY 11-16, 2018

Ocean Sciences Meeting (with AGU, TOS)

ASLO Co-Chair Kay Bidle, Vice Chair Alessandra Conversi, Student Representative Hayley Schiebel

This was an important time for the largest international assembly of ocean scientists, engineers, students, educators, policy makers, and other stakeholders to gather and share their results on research, applications, and education.  Ocean sciences research and education are more relevant than ever, as humanity's impacts on the ocean become ever clearer.

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JUNE 10-15, 2018

ASLO Summer Meeting

Co-Chairs Jennifer Cherrier, Roxane Maranger

Water connects everything and everyone! Water transcends and connects all spheres: the lithosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere – from fresh to salty, from microscopic to macroscopic. Water connects us to each other and to resources – across cultures and society, across politics and international boundaries. However, these elements are too frequently studied in isolation. This meeting will encourage you to bring your knowledge, curiosity, and creativity to connect with each other and to share your passion for water!

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FEBRUARY 26-MAR 3, 2017

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Co-Chairs Paul Bukaveckas, Kathleen Ruttenberg
Student Committee Member Tiara Moore

The conference theme, “From the Mountains to the Sea” emphasizes the connectivity of our planet’s aquatic systems, and underscores the urgent need to share knowledge, insights, discoveries, and different world views about the lakes, rivers, streams, aquifers, wetlands, and oceans that comprise our Earth’s hydrosphere. For over a thousand years, Native Hawaiian lifestyle exemplified a model relationship between people and landscape. The successful integration of culture and resource management along natural watershed boundaries, ahupua′a, that run from the mountains (mauka) to the sea (makai), was, and continues to be paramount.

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FEBRUARY 21-26, 2016

Ocean Sciences Meeting

ASLO Co-Chairs Adina Paytan, Susanne Neuer


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JUNE 5-10, 2016

ASLO Summer Meeting

Co-Chairs Beatrix Beisner, Tammi Richardson

The ASLO 2016 Summer Meeting brought together both freshwater and salt water scientists, educators, policy makers and students to meet and learn from each other about the many issues that face aquatic scientists today.  Themes included topics such as biogeochemistry, biodiversity, invasive species, multiple stressors, etc. Special sessions included topics that are conceptually focused and will include contributions from different aquatic habitat types as well as varied interdisciplinary perspectives.

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FEBRUARY 22-27, 2015

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Co-Chairs Michael Pace, Isabel Reche Cañabate

The 2015 meeting contributed to the ongoing international development of ASLO by bringing together a diverse group of participants at a site where many cultures have engaged throughout the centuries. Located in the South of Spain, Granada is anchored by the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the highest mountain range of the Iberian Peninsula and the tropical coast of the Mediterranean Sea.   With a history deep in diversity, to a present rich in culture, vitality, and acceptance, Granada is the perfect setting to bring together scientists, engineers, students, educators, policy makers and other stake holders to engage in an international dialogue.

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FEBRUARY 23-28, 2014

Ocean Sciences Meeting

ASLO Co-Chair: Jonathan Sharp

This joint meeting was an international gathering co-sponsored by the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO), and The Oceanography Society (TOS).  The meeting included over 5,000 oral and poster presentations, stimulating plenary talks and a refreshing keynote by National Geographic Explorer, Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey.


2014 JASM Portland 215 image

MAY 18-23, 2014

Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting (PSA, SWS, SFS, and ASLO)

ASLO Co-Chairs John Harrison, Roxane Maranger

“Bridging Genes to Ecosystems: Aquatic Science at a Time of Rapid Change” was the theme for this historic joint meeting of four of the leading aquatic scientific societies: Society for Freshwater Science (SFS), Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO), Phycological Society of America (PSA), and Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS). These four societies built a bridge across the disciplines within the field of aquatic science and explored exciting opportunities for collaboration among scientists.

2013 ASM 215 image

FEBRUARY 17-22, 2013

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Co-Chairs Deidre Gibson, Hans-Peter Grossart, Kam Tang, Nancy Rabalais

ASLO returned to the Big Easy for the first time since 1990!  Situated at the junction between the Mississippi River and the Gulf, the city of New Orleans is an ideal location to celebrate aquatic sciences. Under the theme “Learning for the Future,”the meeting brought together scientists, engineers, students, educators, policy makers and other stakeholders to learn from the past and look to the future of aquatic sciences.

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FEBRUARY 19-24, 2012

Ocean Sciences Meeting (with TOS, AGU)

Co-Chairs Mel Briscoe, Eric Itsweire, Mary Scranton

The meeting included over 3,000 oral and poster presentations plus plenary talks. Plenaries were grouped on Wednesday morning to allow time for session participants to “reenergize” and get excited by topics probably outside their daily attention. Poster discussion-time was chosen so that it did not conflict with oral sessions or scheduled supplemental activities, and poster sessions included receptions to provide opportunities to make professional connections in a social setting. S

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JULY 8-13, 2012

ASLO Summer Meeting

Co-Chairs Kazuhiro Kogure, Jotaro Urabe, Michio Kumagai

In July of 2012, ASLO convened its summer meeting on the shores of ancient Lake Biwa in Otsu, Japan.  The theme, Voyages of Discovery, was an historic event for ASLO and aquatic scientists from around the world. Meeting for the first time in Asia, those who took part in this meeting strengthened and formed collaborations between East and West. This was an opportunity to share new knowledge, insights, and discoveries about the world's lakes, rivers and oceans, and to address the many challenges that these ecosystems are now facing.

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FEBRUARY 13-18, 2011

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Co-Chairs Claudia Benitez Nelson, Maria Gonzalez, Jorge Corredor

Scientists from around the world converged on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico to discuss emerging science on Limnology and Oceanography in a Changing World. The goal of this conference was to bring together an international group of freshwater and marine scientists to meet the challenge of global change, exploring diversity and connections across the range of aquatic systems impacted by humans. The Aquatic Sciences Meeting is a widely recognized venue for scientific exchange across all aquatic disciplines.

2014 JASM Portland 215 image

FEBRUARY 22-26, 2010

Ocean Sciences Meeting

Co-Chairs Raleigh Hood, Greg Cutter, Julie Pullen


2010 Summer image 215

JUNE 6-11, 2010

ASLO Summer Meeting (with NABS)

Co-Chairs Bob Sterner, Shelley Arnott, Michael Barbour, Jim Thorpe

The theme of the meeting, Aquatic Sciences: Global Changes from the Center to the Edge, pulls all of our aquatic sciences together and build strong synergy and collaboration between societies and scientists.  2010 was the 400th year commemoration of Santa Fe!

2008 Summer 215 px

JANUARY 25-30, 2009

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Co-Chairs Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Markus Weinbauer, Peter Bossard

The biennial ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, an international gathering of more than 2000 aquatic scientists, was held at the Acropolis in Nice, France.  The Aquatic Sciences meeting is an important venue for scientific exchange across broad marine-science disciplines, including physical, biological, chemical, and geological oceanography, all branches of limnology, hydrology, and multidisciplinary topics ranging from evolution to climate change.

2008 OSM image 215 px

MARCH 2-7, 2008

Ocean Sciences Meeting (with AGU, TOS)

Co-Chairs Jon Sharp, Chris Sherwood, Paul Bissett

In keeping with the conference theme of: "From the Watershed to the Global Ocean", the meeting was held in an area that truly spans the watershed to open ocean.  Posters were highlighted to make them a preferred and effective presentation mode. A special emphasis was made to open and expand discussion on how we can convey the important and exciting results of our research more effectively and more broadly to the public.

2008 Summer image 215 px

JUNE 8-13, 2008

ASLO Summer Meeting

Co-Chairs Robin Anderson, Helen Cyr

The 2008 ASLO Summer Meeting was held in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, next June, an historic return to St. John's! We hope that you have started making plans to attend and thinking about organizing a session at the meeting.  The meeting theme was "Interactions on the Edge".  Session topics emphasized cross-disciplinary linkages in aquatic science:  freshwater and ocean, fisheries and limnology and oceans, physics and chemistry.  The meeting also showcased Arctic and polar subject areas.

2007 ASM 215 px

FEBRUARY 4-9, 2007

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Co-Chairs Debbie Bronk, Jim Elser

WE ALL KNOW THAT WATER ROCKS... So why not have a meeting devoted to celebrating that simple fact? At ASLO Santa Fe 2007, we went all out to make this a meeting to remember, to bring the same sense of fun and wild energy we all feel when we are shipboard or waist-deep in a stream or rowing out to the sampling buoy in our favorite lake. So, we celebrate ASLO’s return to Santa Fe by getting outside of the box for some great science and some engaging and unique events.

2006 OSM image 215px

FEBRUARY 20-24, 2006

Ocean Sciences Meeting (with AGU, TOS)

Co-Chairs Russ Moll, Debbie Steinberg, Chuck Trees


2006 Summer image 215 px

JUNE 4-9, 2006

ASLO Summer Meeting

Co-Chairs: Pat Glibert, Peter Leavitt

ASLO chose to host this meeting outside the USA as a means of Advancing the Science of Limnology and Oceanography internationally. Over 1100 scientists from Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East , as well as North America presented and discussed recent advances in research on global challenges to aquatic environments, including climate change, ecosystem structure and function, linkages among systems, methods to achieve or maintain healthy water, improved management of aquatic resources, and emerging challenges in science, technology and communication.

2005 ASM image 215 px

FEBRUARY 20-25, 2005

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Co-Chairs: Sheri Fritz, Pat Mulholland, Jonathan Sharp
2005 Summer image 215 px

JUNE 9-24, 2005

ASLO Summer Meeting

Co-Chairs: Carlos Duarte, Emilio Fernández

An international team of aquatic scientists led by our Spanish cochairs, the organizers of the ASLO 2005 Summer Meeting made every effort to render this a memorable event, producing an exciting scientific program that addressed emerging issues and new developments in aquatic sciences while acclimatizing the meeting attendees to the cultural environment, providing attendees with multiple opportunities to enjoy Santiago de Compostela and the idiosyncrasy of Spanish culture and the Spanish way of life.

2004 ORC image 215 px

FEBRUARY 15-20, 2004

Ocean Research Conference (with TOS)

Co-Chairs: Russ Moll, Chuck Trees

This inaugural meeting brought together the strengths of these two societies and allowed an open exchange of information on issues surrounding ocean research. The 2004 Ocean Research Conference provided a forum for researchers to highlight recent advances with an emphasis on the integration of aquatic sciences as well as the breadth of ocean research including engineering, industrial, public policy, and marine research.

2004 Summer image 215px

JUNE 13-18 2004

ASLO Summer Meeting

Co-Chairs: Amy Parker, Alan Decho

The ASLO 2004 Summer Meeting provided a forum for researchers to highlight recent advances with an emphasis on fully exploring the changing landscapes of oceans and freshwater. In addition to traditional topics presented at ASLO summer meetings, participation was expanded to include those in wetland sciences, marine processes, biodiversity and ecosystems function, interfaces among terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments, and new instrumentation approaches. Presentations were inclusive of all areas of aquatic science.

2003 ASM image 215 px

FEBRUARY 9-14, 2003

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Co-Chairs: Samantha Joye, Jim Cotner

To paraphrase Thoreau, aquatic ecosystems are the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature(s). They are the Earth’s eyes; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.” (“The Ponds,” Walden). This observation is extremely pertinent today, given the multitude of changes occurring on our planet and the significance of aquatic systems to those changes. Integrative historical and paleo studies help us better understand how the Earth system functions. Perhaps Winston Churchill put it best: “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

Earlier Meetings - Spring and Summer

Ocean Sciences Meeting (with AGU)

February 11-15, 2002
Honolulu, Hawai`i, USA
Co-Chairs: Linda E. Duguay, Russell Moll

ASLO Summer Meeting

June 10-14, 2002
Victoria, BC, Canada
Co-Chairs: Asit Mazumder, Nancy Butler, John Dower
Download Program Book

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

February 12-16, 2001
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Co-Chairs: Josef Ackerman, Saran Twombly

Ocean Sciences Meeting (with AGU)

January 24-28, 2000
San Antonio, TX, USA
Co-Chairs: Linda Duguay, Louis Legendre

ASLO Summer Meeting

June 5-9, 2000
Copenhagen, Denmark
Co-Chairs: Morten Sondergaard, Bo Riemann
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Aquatic Sciences Meeting

February 1-5, 1999
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Co-Chairs: Karen Wishner, John Downing
Download Program Book

Ocean Sciences Meeting (with AGU)

February 9-13, 1998
San Diego, California, USA
ASLO Co-Chair: Linda Duguay

ASLO Summer Meeting (with ESA)

June 8-13, 1998
St Louis, Missouri, USA
Co-Chairs: Catherine M. Pringle, Mary Barber

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

February 10-14, 1997
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Co-Chairs: Jonathan J. Cole, James T. Hollibaugh

Ocean Sciences Meeting (with AGU)

February 12-16, 1996
San Diego, California, USA
ASLO Co-Chair: Polly Penhale

ASLO Summer Meeting

June 16-20, 1996
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Chair: Arthur S. Brooks

ASLO Summer Meeting

June 11-15, 1995
Reno, Nevada, USA
Chair: Robert A. Wharton

Ocean Sciences Meeting (with AGU)

February 21-25, 1994
San Diego, California, USA
Chair: Polly Penhale

ASLO Summer Meeting (with PSA)

June 13-16, 1994
Miami, Florida, USA
Chair: Alina Szmant

ASLO Summer Meeting (with SWS)

May 30-June 3, 1993
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Chair: Ellie Prepas

Aquatic Sciences Meeting

February 9-14, 1992
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Co-Chairs: Evelyn Lessard, David Schindler

ASLO Summer Meeting

June 9-14, 1991
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Chair: Alan Longhurst

Ocean Sciences Meeting (with AGU)

February 12-16, 1990
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Chair: Polly Penhale

ASLO Summer Meeting

June 10-15, 1990
Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
Chair: Kenneth L. Webb
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