Childcare Grant Awards

Childcare grant awards will also be available for those needing financial assistance to attend the meeting, either virtually or in person.

To apply for this support, you must be an ASLO member, fully registered for the 2023 ASLO ASM, and presenting in an oral or poster session.  Please indicate your need on the abstract submission form.

Please also indicate if you are not able to accept an award in US dollars and drawn on  a US bank.  This will not affect your opportunity for an award.

Child Care Services

Child care will be available inside the Convention Centre.  For onsite babysitting service, you can contact the professional agency Angel Nursing Agency ( to discuss time availability and rates.  Space and number of children that can be accommodated is limited.

The same Agency also offers babysitting services at your hotel.  Please visit for further information.

All childcare arrangements are between the providing agency, Angel Nursing Agency, and the parents and/or attendee.  ASLO, SG, MTS and other vendors are not responsible or liable.

Family Room

A non-supervised family room will be open throughout the meeting in the Sala Inca on the 3rd floor of the Convention Centre. This is a room where you may go to relax with your children if you bring them to the Conference Centre. Please keep in mind that this is not a room for child care, and no service is offered in this room. You may not leave children unattended.

Nursing Mothers Room

If you are a nursing mother and need a private place for you and your infant, a quiet room and a comfortable chair are available for you in the Mothers’ Room on the 1st floor. Please go to the registration desk for instructions on how to access the room.

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