2021 Yentsch-Schindler Award Recipient

Davi Gasparini Fernandes Cunha

Davi Gasparini Fernandes CunhaThe Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography presents the Yentsch-Schindler Early Career Award each year to an early-career scientist who has made outstanding and balanced contributions to research, education, and society. The 2021 Yentsch-Schindler Early Career Award is presented to Dr. Davi Gasparini Fernandes Cunha. Dr. Cunha, currently an Associate Professor at the São Carlos School of Engineering (University of São Paulo), will receive the award at the 2021 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Virtual Meeting in June. 

Dr. Cunha is an accomplished aquatic scientist who works broadly on environmental engineering, water quality and ecology of freshwater systems, both in Brazil and across the world. He has worked on topics ranging from cyanobacterial blooms to water/sewage treatment and nutrient cycling. This work has greatly supported the management of water resources in both the state of São Paulo and Brazil. Cunha has established numerous collaborations, including with 15 universities and research institutes, and many private sector entities and NGOs. Cunha’s work is highly cited and his leadership in environmental science has been recognized with numerous awards and honors. 

In addition to his scientific achievements, Dr. Cunha has been dedicated to education and outreach throughout his career. He balances his extensive research activities with mentorship of graduate students and post-docs and teaches numerous undergraduate courses. In addition, Cunha integrates citizen science into much of his work. For example, he managed a successful program in which 300 citizen scientists contributed critical data on stream water quality in three cities in Brazil. 

ASLO President, Roxane Maranger notes, “The pressures on young researchers today are greater than ever before. As a young scientist, Davi has successfully navigated those pressures, making impressive contributions to teaching, to mentorship, and to society. He has led a remarkable citizen science initiative in Brazil to assess urban water quality while carrying out a superb research program that provides his students with numerous opportunities, including international exposure through broad collaboration.” 

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