Student Events

ST01 Let's get published!

Time/Date: Tuesday, 06-Jun-23,13:30 to15:00
Location: Auditorium Illes Balears
Lead Organizer: Edna Fernandez-Figueroa ([email protected])

Join us for a panel with ASLO journal editors and Wiley representatives to discuss what they look for in submissions, how to serve as reviewers, how to identify a target journal, discuss the peer-review process, paper structure and submission tips, and more!  Bring questions!  A limited number of lunches will be available to those attending the workshop at the conclusion of the workshop.

ST02 Student Trivia Night!

Time/Date: Tuesday, 06-Jun-23,20:00 to21:00
Location: Auditorium Mallorca
Lead Organizer: Edna Fernandez-Figueroa ([email protected])

Join us for a night of limnology and oceanography trivia, hosted by the ASLO Student Committee! Details on location to come!

ST03 Student Mixer

Time/Date: Monday, 05-Jun-23,20:30 to22:00
Location: Hall Menorca
Lead Organizer: Edna Fernandez-Figueroa, Auburn University ([email protected])

Come to the Student Mixer, hosted by the ASLO student committee! This event is an opportunity to meet, network, and discuss potential collaborations with fellow aquatic science students. This will follow the ASLO business and membership meeting on Monday evening.

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