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Black in Marine Science (BIMS) is a premier organization aimed to celebrate Black marine scientists, spread environmental awareness and inspire the next generation of scientific thought leaders. 

Unlearning Racism In The Geosciences (URGE) is a program designed to deepen the community’s knowledge of the effects of racism on the participation and retention of BIPOC in geoscience, draw on existing literature, expert opinions, and personal experiences to develop anti-racist policies and strategies, and share, discuss, and modify anti-racist policies and strategies within a dynamic community network and on a national stage. 

NSF diversity program strategizes a way to create and enhance opportunities of the underrepresented populations in the geosciences field. The goals of the program are to increase participation in geosciences education and research, and enhance the understanding of the geosciences and their contribution to modern society by a broad and diverse segment of the population.

Texas A&M DEI action plan is a five- year plan with five goals to help build a more inclusive geoscience program.

Iowa State DEI action plan includes 3 main strategies to create a DEI committee, form a more inclusive curriculum, and increase retention and recruitment among diverse candidates.

GeoContext is a teaching resource with downloadable modules to assist educators in integrating topics on racism, colonialism, imperialism, environmental damage, and exploitation of natural resources into subjects commonly taught within geoscience departments.

Inclusive Teaching Practices Toolkit: 10 downloadable inclusive teaching practices prepared for online and in person instruction.

Trauma-informed teaching resources is a collection based on a trauma-informed approach to teaching. It takes the impact and prevalence of traumatic experiences into account. Allowing for a conducive and positive learning experience for all students.

Diversity Resources for Faculty is a collection of diversity resources for faculty curated by the University of Georgia Center for Teaching and Learning

JEDI Glossary a glossary of commonly used words and phrases used when discussing topics in JEDI.

DEI discussion starters a collection of icebreakers designed to start discussion around DEI topics.

Black Women in Science (BWiS) is an organization for Black women scientists of all stages who have African and Caribbean heritage. The website includes blog posts, virtual events, and a members only section in order to foster a safe space among members.


A WOC Space provides resources and anti-racism training to facilitate better communication surrounding racism regarding women of color in the workplace.

Awakening Minds Consulting provides conscious culture training centered on anti-racism, DEI, and mindfulness.

Radical Insights provides change in equity and justice organizational strategies and practices through speaking, consulting and training.

Blogs/Online Articles 

#BlackInGeoScience blog post by the European Geosciences Union (EGU) highlights a few Black geoscientists working in the field as early career researchers.

Anti-racism resources is a google doc curated for white people to deepen their anti-racism work.

Securing space for Black women scientists in a crooked room an online news article on how to retain Black women scientists

Pathways to Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in California’s Coastal and Ocean Sciences reports on recommendations from a series of virtual roundtable discussions convened by the California Ocean Science Trust in 2021 and 2022.

Research Articles

Behl et al., 2021. Changing the Culture of Coastal, Ocean, and Marine Sciences: Strategies for Individual and Collective Actions. Oceanography

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