Virtual Meeting Format

The 2021 Aquatic Sciences Meeting has been organized to engender as much interaction as possible.

Program Structure:

The meeting will be organized on UTC time to reflect the European origin of the meeting.

The scientific program will run from 10:00 to 17:00 UTC with award talks at 17:00 and plenary talks at 18:00. Workshops, town halls, meetings and social events will take place after the scientific program each day and also on Tuesday the 22nd and Monday the 28th. This schedule is subject to change.

There will be a special opening plenary on Tuesday the 22nd at 17:00 UTC.

All presentations will be uploaded prior to the meeting. Instructions and guidance for recording your presentation will be available once your presentation makes it on to the program.

Oral Format:

Oral sessions will follow a new format designed to encourage discussion amongst participants in a virtual setting. Sessions will be organized in one-hour blocks, where each presenter (of six) will gave a short five-minute talk on their research. The remaining 30 minutes will be dedicated to discussion. The audience for each session will be prompted to watch the full, pre-uploaded presentations before the session occurs. Both the prerecorded presentations and a recording of the one-hour session will be available to attendees throughout the meeting.

Poster Format:

Posters will be included in the virtual poster gallery which will feature engagement opportunities like chat and virtual appointments. Posters will be browsable and viewable for the entirely of the meeting with designated posters sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The posters and a recording of the one-hour session will be available to attendees throughout the meeting.

Workshops, meetings and other cool stuff:

The meeting will feature virtual workshops, meetings and town halls and will also will include time to socialize virtually.  These activities include yoga, running challenge, coffee breaks, and other cool stuff! Be sure to add your event, meeting or fun idea to the program!

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