Scientific Session, Tutorial and Innovative Session Submssion

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022 invites submissions for Scientific Sessions, Tutorials and Innovative Sessions.

Scientific Sessions

Sessions should be designed to have a broad, interdisciplinary appeal and to engage international audiences.

Each proposal must identify a primary chair to serve as the point of contact, and at least one additional co-chair. Proposals are limited to four total chairs. All chairs listed on session proposals must consent to being named as part of the proposal at the time of submission. Individuals may serve as a primary chair on only one session proposal. In addition, primary chairs can only be listed as a co-chair on two additional session proposals


Tutorial talks are meant to provide a review and synthesis of multiple results across a field of study, and not be primarily a presentation of the proposer’s own work. These talks should be designed to have a broad appeal to participants seeking an overview of a given topic. Tutorial talks are 30 minutes in length.

A presenter of the tutorial talk must submit the proposal and may include one additional co-author when submitting a tutorial talk.

Innovative Sessions

The Ocean Sciences Meeting is calling for innovative session proposals that can integrate virtual participation and presentation in a dynamic way through multiple engagement formats. These scientifically-focused events provide a chance for in-depth discussion and collaboration. Sessions should be executed in multiple presentation formats.

Successful proposals will:

  • use a creative mix of programming to engage attendees.
  • provide a theme of interest to a broad oceanographic audience.
  • demonstrate or showcase new opportunities for virtual engagement by remote and in-person participants that could be models for expanding inclusion and reducing the carbon footprint of future meetings (submissions may be considered without a hybrid piece)
  • encompass diverse presenters and conveners whether on-site or online.
  • consist of a mix of formats including, but not limited to breakouts, work sessions, oral, panel, poster, or eLightning, and combinations of these.
  • span a typical two-hour session slot or a half-day or full day meeting-within-a-meeting (see below).

Convergent science themes that bring in scientific thought leaders connected to ocean sustainability are welcome.

Innovative session proposals do not count against the first author rule for abstract submissions.

Length of sessions

Innovative sessions can be of the following duration:

  • Two hours
  • Half-day (4-hour)
  • Full-day (six-hour)

The four-hour and six-hour sessions represent a meeting-within-a-meeting where an in-depth view of a topic or theme is explored in various formats working toward specific outcomes.

Examples of innovative sessions

Innovative sessions have been executed at multiple scientific meetings, including AGU’s Fall Meeting in 2020. Here are some examples:

Meeting-within-a-meeting with a theme:

Two-hour innovative sessions:

Review of proposals

Innovative session proposals will be evaluated by the Ocean Sciences Meeting Program Committee (OSMPC) on scientific merit, the benefit for both remote and in-person attendees, technological feasibility, cost, and likelihood of success. Additionally, the Program Committee will consider the breadth and impact of the proposal toward showcasing OSM-related science and science-related issues. We also encourage proposals that include virtual components, as outlined above.

A limited number of sessions will be selected. If a submitted session is not selected, conveners will be contacted with the option of transferring the work to another session format or the submission can be withdrawn.
If a session is accepted, the conveners will work with appropriate OSMPC liaisons and OSM staff to plan these sessions. Regular check-ins and progress will be assessed to ensure a high-quality outcome. If conveners are not able to adhere to regularly scheduled check-ins, the session will be cancelled.

Session proposal details

OSM invites submissions for a new type of competitive session for the 2022 meeting, in addition to the regular oral, elightning, poster, and tutorial sessions. Innovative sessions allow a more in-depth scientific discussion with multiple engagements that would not necessarily happen in a “usual” session. Innovative session submitters should give careful consideration to online components of their session.

Session submission instructions

Please add as much detail as possible, including proposed presenters, and agenda with notes, at the time of submission. If approved, you will have the opportunity to update proposal details and presenters as they are confirmed.

On-site, Virtual or Hybrid

While many participants will physically gather in Honolulu, the Program Committee anticipates a large global gathering to virtually attend online programming and events. The tradition of outstanding presentations and knowledge-sharing, through plenary speakers, in oral sessions, and in serendipitous conversations, will continue during OSM 2022. All proposers will be able to choose from the following audiences:

  • In-person: Sessions that occur in Honolulu, HI, USA.
  • Virtual: Sessions that will use the Zoom platform and be conducted solely online.
  • Hybrid: Sessions that will occur in Honolulu but have some form of interactivity with virtual participants.

Existing and New Formats

Scientific session proposers will be able to select their preference of session formats:

  • Standard Oral: Sessions that contain 12 minute talks, with 3 minutes for Q&A
  • 6-5-30 Session: One hour sessions with six five-minute speakers and 30 minutes of discussion. All virtual oral session will use this format
  • Posters-only: Standard poster sessions will be held onsite. Standard poster presenters will be given the option to also upload their poster in an online gallery.
  • eLightning: If accepted for online or onsite presentation, each speaker gives a 3-minute oral presentation paired with interactive digital poster presentations. Session includes time for discussion of all posters in the session. For examples of interactive posters, view the OSM20 eLightning gallery.

Submitting Your Proposal

Please read the session type descriptions and options to ensure that you have not missed important information that may hinder your proposal.

We encourage you to review previous sessions from past years to help you locate similar sessions or collaborators.

When you're ready:

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