ASLO Supports Early Career Researchers with the L&O Letters Early Career Publication Honor

ASLO Supports Early Career Researchers with the L&O Letters Early Career Publication Honor

The Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) is pleased to announce the most recent awardees from the second round of the Limnology and Oceanography Letters Early Career Publication Honor. Conceived and maintained by the ASLO Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellows (RCEFs) and supported by ASLO and our publishing partner Wiley & Sons, this honor aids the publication of innovative aquatic science research by early career researchers (ECRs) who face funding challenges. The honor seeks to address barriers to open-access publishing that are often faced by ECRs, especially those working in the Global South or Ukraine, or who identify as members of historically underrepresented groups in STEM.

The 2022 call offered honors to several ECRs. While the call is still under way and manuscripts are undergoing review, it has already provided publication support for the outstanding work of the following six ECRs:

Jessica S. Turner Clarifying water clarity: A call to use metrics best suited to corresponding research and management goals in aquatic ecosystems
Rafael B. Dextro Environmental adaptations by the intertidal Antarctic cyanobacterium Halotia branconii CENA392 as revealed using long-read genome sequencing
Hanna C. Mantanona Coral growth persistence amidst bleaching events
Riley Barton Hydrology, rather than wildfire burn extent, determines post-fire organic and black carbon export from mountain rivers in central coastal California
Pauline Latour Characterization of a Southern Ocean deep chlorophyll maximum: Response of phytoplankton to light, iron, and manganese enrichment
Punwath Prum Widespread warming of Earth's estuaries

The honorees receive a pre-submission friendly review and guidance from a Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellow. Upon successful peer-review and acceptance of their manuscript by Limnology and Oceanography Letters, ASLO’s fully gold open-access publication, the ECR receives a full waiver of the Article Processing Charges (a value of $3,360). The work of the honoree is highlighted by ASLO’s social media channels and is included in a dedicated virtual issue “The L&O Letters Early Career Publication Honor - Advancing ASLO's commitment to increase representation in open access publishing”.

Jim Cloern, the Editor-in-Chief of L&O Letters, says, "It is so exciting to see these papers published from ECRs who, without this Honor, would not have the resources to pay for open-access publication. This program was conceived by ECRs to help ECRs." One of the recent honorees, Rafael B. Dextro, wrote a viewpoint on his experience with the honor in a recent issue of L&O Bulletin.

The Early Career Publication Honor is awarded biannually, and the next call for the honor is expected to open later this month. Information about the applications will be posted soon. Click here to learn more and get the latest information about the honor.

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