L&O Bulletin Chapter One Challenge: Call for Papers

L&O Bulletin Chapter One Challenge: Call for Papers

Still haven’t published that first chapter of your dissertation that you worked so hard on? Eager to let your peers in those “other” sub disciplines of aquatic science know why what you study is so important, novel, and cutting-edge? Well here’s your chance! The editors of the L&O Bulletin invite you to submit a one paragraph summary of your first chapter (or whichever chapter is a review of your field!) and tell us why it would make for a great article in the Bulletin. The editors will review your proposal and uploaded chapter, and provide guidance on adapting it to Bulletin style. L&O Bulletin articles typically are between 3000 – 5000 words, include 3 figures, photos, or tables, and 5-20 references. As opposed to a scientific article, they are written in more of a newspaper or magazine style, meaning that the writing should be engaging. 

The L&O Bulletin has NO page charges and broad distribution! All ASLO members (~4300) receive a copy of the Bulletin as part of their membership and individuals at over 4,900 research institutions have access to the Bulletin through subscription. Read more about the Bulletin here: http://bit.ly/LOBulletin.

Queries should be sent to Adrienne Sponberg, L&O Bulletin Editor in Chief, and Chris Filstrup, L&O Deputy Editor, via email.

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