ASLO Fellows

ASLO Fellows Program

ASLO proudly recognizes the outstanding contributions of our members through the Fellows program. We have been fortunate that our membership consistently contributes to our society through service to ASLO journals, conferences, and committees. As a scientific society, we rely on the academic excellence of our members and their willingness to invest their time and energy to put ASLO's mission into action.

The ASLO Fellows program was initiated in 2015 to honor ASLO members who have advanced the aquatic sciences via their exceptional contributions.  The commitment and service of these individuals to ASLO have enabled our society to advance the sciences of limnology and oceanography.

Since 2015, the ASLO Fellows program has honored over 100 members for their service to our society and the aquatic science community.

Please nominate your colleagues or submit your information so that appropriate recognition can be made.

ASLO Sustaining Fellows are recognized as having sustained excellence in their contributions to ASLO and the aquatic sciences.

2023 Sustaining Fellows

Chris Filstrup 100px

Chris Filstrup
Sustaining 2023
Joined 2004

Liz Minor 100px

Elizabeth Minor
Sustaining 2023
Joined 2001

Mike Pace 100px

Michael Pace
Sustaining 2023
Joined 1976

Yves Prairie 100px

Yves Prairie
Sustaining 2023
Joined 1983

Emily Stanley 100px

Emily Stanley
Sustaining 2023
Joined 1992

Beth Stauffer 100px

Beth Stauffer
Sustaining 2023
Joined 2006

Ajit Subramaniam 100px

Ajit Subramaniam
Sustaining 2023
Joined 1992

Gene Turner 100px

R. Eugene Turner
Sustaining 2023
Joined 1968

Bjoern Wissel 100px

Björn Wissel
Sustaining 2023
Joined 1999

ASLO Fellows are recognized as having achieved excellence in their contributions to ASLO and the aquatic sciences.

2023 Fellows

Adam Heathcote 100px

Adam Heathcote
Fellow 2023
Joined 2007

Julia Mullarney 100px

Julia Mullarney
Fellow 2023
Joined 2012

Ngozi Oguguah 100px

Ngozi Oguguah
Fellow 2023
Joined 2015

Alyson Santoro 100px

Alyson Santoro
Fellow 2023
Joined 2004

Caroline Slomp 100px

Caroline Slomp
Fellow 2023
Joined 2004

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