ASM 2021 Photography Contest

The ASM 2021 photography contest is based on the meeting theme "Aquatic Sciences for a Sustainable Future:  Nurturing Cooperation". The contest is open to all meeting attendees. The authors of the top three most voted photos will each receive a discount voucher in Melia hotels in Palma for the face-to-face ASM in 2023 and the top winning photo will be displayed in the web page of ASM meeting in Palma 2023. Cheer up, take your camera and participate!

Rules in a nutshell: Submit your entry (only one submission per participant) via the form displayed below, between 9th of June at 00:00 UTC and 16th of June at 23:59 UTC.  All photos received will be displayed as soon as they are submitted.  Voting will commence on June 17, and all conference attendees are encouraged to vote for  their favorite photo by the 25th of June at 23:59 UTC.  The photos receiving the most votes will be announced on the meeting webpage on 26th of June.

Photo file requirements: please limit the size to 3MB, and submit the photo in jpg or png format.  You must include a title, a short description, and please credit the photographer appropriately.

In addition, we invite you to contribute to the Art and Science Corner, where Art & Science meet!  Participants are invited to present a topic/concept in aquatic science in the form of an original work in any of the following categories.

  1. Picture or scientific illustration (submitted as jpg or png, maximum size 3 MB)
  2. Poetry and short tales (submitted as a text file, sound file, or video; videos limited to 90 seconds)
  3. Conceptual and performance art (submitted as videos limited to 90 seconds)

For further queries, please contact: [email protected]

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