Board Nominations 2023

Nominations for the ASLO Board of Directors

As an ASLO member, you have the opportunity to help with nominating members to stand for election to the ASLO Board of Directors. This year we are seeking candidates for Treasurer, (2) Members-at-large, and (1) Student Board Member. Descriptions of these positions can be found below.

The slate of candidates is selected by the Nominations Committee, relying heavily on your suggestions. The Nominations Committee requests your nominations by midnight Eastern Standard Time on February 14, 2023 so that we may assemble a full slate.

If you need a few extra days to prepare your nomination materials, please contact Nominations Committee Chair Roxane Maranger.

Current Board members are also eligible for nomination for a second consecutive term if nominated by an ASLO. Note that current Board members  and members of the Nominations Committee may not make nominations.

With the help of your nominations, we aim to establish a Board balanced in gender, limnology/oceanography, geographic distribution, etc. The composition of the current board can be seen here:

Colleagues from backgrounds underrepresented in the aquatic sciences are particularly welcome. The current Board would also benefit from greater geographical distribution to represent the international membership of ASLO. Topics we will be requiring Board input over the next years will include publications, innovative meeting approaches, social media, and enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the aquatic sciences as well as strategic planning for the future of ASLO.

Please nominate yourself or any other ASLO member - service on the ASLO Board is rewarding and valuable, a great way to network while contributing to the health of our discipline.


The Treasurer maintains all financial records of the corporation, and reports to the President, Board of Directors, and members on the financial status of the Corporation. The Treasurer prepares the annual budget and serves as an ex-officio member of the Finance Committee.  Terms are three years, and Treasurers may stand for reelection.

Members at Large

Members at Large represent the interests of the general membership on the Board. As Board members they help set ASLO policy, determine how ASLO resources will be obtained and spent, and are expected to help chair or serve on ad hoc and standing committees, or handle special projects. Three positions will be filled for three-year terms. The primary commitment for all Board members is to actively participate in online, virtual Board meetings, as well as engage in Board discussions throughout the year. One or two face-to-face Board meetings per year may occur as travel returns.

Student Board Member

Two students are elected by the membership to represent the interests of students on the Board of Directors. They take responsibility for activities on the basis of interest, or at the request of the Board of Directors or President. They often serve on ad hoc and standing committees, and handle special projects. Student Board Members complete their term of office even if they graduate before their term ends. One position will be filled in 2023 for a three-year term.

Nomination Form

If you have already logged into the ASLO website, the nomination form will appear below.  If it does not appear below, please log in and return to this page.  Nominations will close on 14 February 2023.

If you need a few extra days to prepare your nomination materials, please contact Nominations Committee Chair Roxane Maranger.

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