Abstract Preparation Specifications

All abstracts must be in English, using metric units. Do not include chemical or mathematical formulae, Greek characters, illustrations, figures, or photos. Use no smaller than 10-point type. Do not use any formatting such as italics, bold, or subscript (CO2 becomes CO2). Do not indent paragraphs. Use a single space between sentences. Use only the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) character set.

The title of the abstract must be in all caps and must not exceed 160 characters. The body of the abstract must adhere to a maximum character count of 1600 including spaces. This is exclusive of the abstract title and the author listing. Please make the abstract as informative and representative of your presentation as possible.

The abstract submittal system uses the UTF-8 (Unicode) character set. Submitters may use HTML coding to set italics or display special characters. Please do not use bold or underlines, as this will be stripped out in the final, published version of your abstract. Make sure you properly close your HTML tags.

Some examples:

  • Italics: <em>Synechococcus</em> yields Synechococcus
  • Sub/superscript: CO<sub>2</sub> = CO2 and 10<sup>-1</sup> = 10-1
  • Greek: &micro; = µ, &Sigma; = Σ, &delta;= δ
  • Math: &#8776; yields ≈, &#8800; yields ≠, &#8804; yields ≤
  • Non-English Characters: &#225; = á, &#241; = ñ, &#252;= ü, &#268;= Č

A good reference for finding and using codes can be found at https://dev.w3.org/html5/html-author/charref.

Important! Special characters and formatting are not required. Every abstract will be considered equally.

Abstract Submission Procedures

The abstract submission deadline is Midnight, Central Standard Time (USA) (11:59 pm) on 9 March 2020.  So that scheduling may be completed in a timely manner, all submissions must be received by this date.  Stated guidelines and procedures must be followed exactly. If not, your paper will not be accepted.

All submissions must be received online and by the deadline. Abstracts must be submitted via the website. (E-mailed submissions will not be accepted unless specifically requested by the project manager.)

If you are not able to submit your abstract via the website, please call the conference management office at 254-776-3550 or contact Jo Davis at [email protected] via e-mail.

Previewing Abstracts

When you submit the abstract, you will receive a confirmation and will be given a login and password for making necessary edits. Please check the abstract for errors after you submit.

Important Notes

Submission via the conference website is required.

Payment of the full registration fee and abstract submission fee is required, plus the completed information that must accompany the abstract. (Abstracts will not be considered unless the presenting author has registered for the meeting and paid the full registration and abstract submission fee.)

Abstracts will not be accepted by mail or e-mail unless specifically instructed by the project manager to do so.

Abstracts must adhere to the guidelines stated.

Only one abstract is permitted per presenting author, with exceptions made for second submissions to the one designated education and policy session.

Duplicate submissions by the same first author will be identified, and duplicate abstracts will be removed.

It may be necessary to accept for poster presentation some abstracts submitted for oral presentation. Likewise, abstracts submitted for poster presentation may be accepted as oral presentations.

The submission deadline of Midnight, Central Standard Time (USA) (11:59 pm) on 9 March 2020, will be strictly adhered to.

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