Mentoring Activities

Two different mentoring opportunities are available for students and early career scientists at the 2023 Aquatic Sciences Meeting.  You may register for either of these programs, but not both.  The deadline to register as a mentor or mentee in the ASLO 2023 Mentee/Mentor Program is May 1, 2023.

The deadline has passed to sign up as a mentee with the ASLO Multicultural Program.  The deadline to register as a mentor is April 8, 2023.

2023 ASM Mentor Program

The ASLO meeting mentor program is designed to match novice meeting attendees, students, and early career scientists with an experienced scientist who can help them navigate the meeting, network with colleagues and can provide them with scientific and career advice. This program also facilitates connections between scientists from different regions and cultural backgrounds. Information obtained through the program registration is used to match mentors with mentees who share common research disciplines.

Typically, the ratio is roughly a 2-to-1 match of mentees with mentors. Mentors will send an initial contact email prior to the meeting to introduce themselves and to discuss meeting objectives, such as sharing science, networking, and career opportunities. Meetings between mentors and mentees may occur at coffee breaks, during meals, and at poster sessions. It is also likely that many of the mentors attend their mentees’ talks or poster presentations and provide them with constructive feedback and advice. Based on post-meeting surveys of past participants, a majority of both mentees and mentors rated the personal and professional value of participating in the meeting mentor program as moderate to high. Many mentors and mentees reported that they have formed lasting relationships and remained in contact after the meeting.

Please apply for the ASLO Mentor/Mentee Program via the online form.

ASLO Multicultural Program 2023

Starting in 1990, the ASLO Multicultural Program has brought over 1,200 diverse undergraduate and graduate students to the annual ASLO meetings.  Many have gone on for careers in the aquatic sciences. A key feature of ASLOMP is the meeting-mentor program. Mentors help guide the students through the meetings and bring them into the greater network of aquatic scientists.  ASLOMP meeting mentors are expected to:

  • Have a doctoral degree,
  • Attend an online training meeting,
  • Have a virtual meeting with their mentees prior to ASM.
  • Be on site for an in person meeting with their mentees on Sunday, 4 June, at 16:00,
  • Be available to meet with their mentees once each day of the meetings,
  • If possible, to attend their mentee’s presentation,
  • To introduce their mentees to at least three other scientists.

If you have any questions about the program or the requirements, please contact Benjamin Cuker,, ASLO Multicultural Program Director.

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