Please use the following guidelines and information to be as prepared as possible for the meeting.

Oral Presentations

Talks will be scheduled in 15-minute time slots. We strongly encourage a presentation of no more than 12 minutes to allow three minutes for discussion and to entertain questions from those in the audience. In special cases, and at the discretion of the session organizers, invited presenters may be given two consecutive slots to provide a tutorial/overview talk at the beginning of the session. The time limit will be strictly enforced to facilitate movement between sessions. When completing the submission form, please indicate your preference for an oral or a poster presentation. This will assist the selection committee in the proper placement of your paper. You must be prepared, however, to accept the assignment as either oral or poster.

Once your abstract has been accepted for the meeting, you will need to prepare your presentation and data in Microsoft PowerPoint format. Windows is the only operating system available for the presentations. If your presentation data is linked to other files, those linked files also should be saved in the same folder and checked with the audio-visual technicians for operability beforehand. Likewise, if parts of your presentation are not in PowerPoint format, you will need to check with the audio-visual technicians prior to the meeting to make sure it is compatible with the computers that will be used during the sessions.

Each presenter will be provided with full instructions on how to upload presentations prior to the meeting.

Audio-Visual Equipment at the Meeting

Each session room will be equipped with a screen, projector, computer, sound system, timer and laser pointer. All presentations will be preloaded into the computer by the audio-visual staff for the session room. Oral presenters will be provided with instructions on using the presentation system.

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