2020 Ruth Patrick Award Recipient

Jean-Pierre Gattuso

Image by Philippe Bertini/Nice-Matin
by Philippe Bertini

The Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography presents the Ruth Patrick Award each year to a scientist whose research leads to the identification, analysis and/or solution of important environmental problems. ASLO is pleased to award the 2020 Ruth Patrick Award to Jean-Pierre Gattuso for his leadership in, and commitment to, addressing ocean acidification. This acidification is due to increasing carbon dioxide in marine waters driven by fossil fuel emissions and represents a major threat to marine biodiversity. Dr. Gattuso’s research is providing the scientific basis and best practices to advance  experimental research and solutions to solve this important challenge. Gattuso is CNRS Senior Research Scientist at Sorbonne University and the Institute of Sustainable Development and International Relations.

Gattuso is a leading researcher of ocean acidification (OA), with more than 100 publications spanning habitats and organisms including coral reefs, viruses, bacteria, phytoplankton, corals, mollusks and fish, from the Arctic to the Mediterranean and the tropics, as well as developing techniques and standardizing protocols for OA research. He has led numerous international working groups, including serving as the Scientific Coordinator of Europe’s first multi-investigator project on ocean acidification:  EPOCA (European Project on Ocean Acidification).

An early proponent of making science relevant to society Jean-Pierre Gattuso, has led the way for other researchers. From 2008-2012, EPOCA brought together more than 160 researchers from 32 institutes in 10 European countries to advance both the scientific understanding and societal dimensions of OA.  Gattuso frequently works internationally to address the global issue of OA.  Among his numerous high-profile roles, Gattuso has served as a lead and contributing author on the IPCC Climate Change Assessment Reports and is a Coordinating Lead Author of the Special Report on Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate. In addition, he helped spearhead the founding of the International Coordination Centre for Ocean Acidification.

“Jean-Pierre Gattuso has been a leader in bringing the issue of ocean acidification to the fore, both in the research world and in greater society. In keeping with the spirit of Ruth Patrick, he has continually built bridges between the science and policymakers at the highest levels, such as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change*. We are thrilled to honor his contributions to helping society understand and navigate the complex risks of ocean acidification with the Ruth Patrick Award,” said Michael Pace, ASLO President.

*Gattuso wrote about his experiences at COP 21 for the Limnology & Oceanography Bulletin “An Ocean Scientist at COP21

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