Official ALSO 2023 Meeting App

Download and install the free EventPilot Conference App. Once installed, use the code "ASLO23" when prompted to download all of the information about ASLO 2023!

Use the official ASLO 2023 meeting app to:

  • Build your personal daily schedule
  • Receive reminders and updates
  • Engage and network with peers
  • Find what you are looking for
  • Take notes, bookmark, and filter
  • Synchronize across your devices

Conference app tips:

  • Explore everything the app has to offer - simply try out all the buttons to see what they do.
  • Use filters to only see items that are pertinent to you. Be sure to turn the filter back off in order
  • to view the full conference schedule.
  • Check the visual schedule for empty timeblocks to maximize your time at your event.
  • Take notes on any item and export all notes in an email after the event.
  • Star mark items you like and don’t want to forget about - you can filter by star and have them included in your notes email.
  • Network with fellow attendees.

Online Planner

Build your schedule online using the itinerary planner on your monitor in full screen mode. Then install the app and sync your schedule to your device.

Syncing between the planner and your app requires an ASLO login as do several personalized feature in the app itself.

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