Recreational Activities

Yoga Mornings Overlooking the Bay of Palma

Monday to Friday, 5-9 June, 07:00-07:45, Rooftop Palma

Remember Fanny? Our yoga teacher who perked up our mornings with exercises against the backdrop of different Mallorcan beaches before attending the virtual ASM 2021? She will be joining us again in the flesh for the ASM 2023 for our daily morning yoga exercises before the start of the scientific sessions. Please join us for this satisfying exercise for the mind and body on the rooftop of the Congress Center overlooking the beautiful Bay of Palma! Please bring your own yoga mat.

Fun-run up the Bellver Castle

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 5, 7, and 9 June, 06:45 – 07:45, Melia Marina Hotel

See the route at

Tired of running along the waterside? Are your feet aching for a little more mountain? Join us for a fun run up Bellver Castle Park before the talks start! We will meet outside the Palma Bellver hotel at the break of dawn to trot up the hill and stop at some viewpoints to catch our breath before running down again. The run will be under 8 km and we expect to take under 2 hours. The rhythm will be slowish, so if you are not quick but love trail running this is a chance to charge those batteries before the day really starts! Participation is with registration prior to the event (you can only join once). Be sure to bring water!


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